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10 Ways To Relax


Relaxing...its a true wonder on our body, mind and soul. It keeps us beautiful, happy and healthy! If your ever feeling out of balance, just simply try one, two or even three of these relaxing tips to help you feel pleasant and at ease again. 

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  1. A luxuriously luscious warm bath. Fill your bath with Epsom and eucalyptus salts for extra Oooh lala..ForeverDolledUp
  2. Gentle Yoga is a great way to relax, unwind your body and mind. You can do this just about any time of day and anywhere you find serene.Forever Dolled Up dreses
  3. Listening to the sounds of moving water. The sounds of the oceans, rivers, water features and rains. Whatever is closest to you, find it. This is even better with a good lighthearted book.       Forever DolledUp white dress
  4. There is something special about eating outdoors. Sitting outside to eat your lunch can feel more enjoyable than indoors, under the warm sun, listening to the birds sing.       Forever DolledUp Blog
  5. Sunbathing....enough said.Forever DolledUp blog
  6. Essential oils, from lavender, chamomile and rose can be very relaxing. Use them in your diffuser, bath, or mist throughout your home. Forever Dolled Up Blog
  7. Herbal tea is so relaxing. The aromas of the tea straight to the benefits of after drinking. Definitely a wonderfully relaxing boost.Forever DolledUp
  8. Clear your mind with a lovely walk. Walking everyday will help boost your mood, body and mind. Walking everyday can even help you sleep better. If you work an office job from 8-5 go for a walk during your lunch breaks, and after work. Forever Dolled Up Blog
  9. Meditate laying down. Sometimes, its the simple things in life  that help to keep life in order.   FDU
  10. Write it out. Let all of your thoughts flow out of your mind and onto that piece of paper. Getting it out on paper can help you release those emotions, and seeing them on paper can help you let them go, and begin to relax. 


10 ways to relax

What is your favorite relaxing activity?

Do you have a routine, like reading or writing before bed?

Walking your dog after work or yoga on the weekends? 

Please leave your comment & relaxing recommendation below!

Stay Happy Fashion Dolls! 




Caroline Flowers 




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  • Hillory on

    Love all of these ideas! We all need to relax more haha.




  • Len Parent on

    Amazing photos! Love all of them ! Thanks for sharing!
    I hope you have had a good start to the new week.
    Much love, Len

  • ivana split on

    Yes, I do have my routines. I like reading before bed but only books I already read because if I start reading a new book, I might end up being up all night- I mean if the book is really interesting.

    I absolutely love all of your tips and I use them to relax too! This morning I went hiking, I think I should start to do this on regular basis, it think that a morning hike could be the perfect way for me to start my days.


  • Olga on

    Love this post!Great tipps:-)


  • Kathrine Eldridge on

    Love all these way to relax! My favorite is to go for a walk for to get a massage.


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