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9 Secret Polka Dot Dress Facts That You Probably Didn't Know


Have you ever wondered about Polka dots? Who in the world was the first person to say "ehhheemmm...Lets put a bunch of evenly curated little circles on a garment and call it a Polka-Dot"  

Well, whoever it was really made it work for us! Polka dots are just so cheerful and bubbly. It can really say a little something fun about the person wearing them! :) 

*scroll down to read fun facts*

Polka dot dress fun facts

So here are 9 Fun Polka dot facts that you probably didn't know! 

  1. The popularity of Polka Dots actually began for the US in the late 1920's. 
  2. Minnie mouse, the first cartoon character & illustration to be wearing a polka dot skirt/dress is actually a total fashion Icon.
  3. 1928 is about the time when Polka Dots began to gain popularity.
  4. During the 1940's & 1950 is when celebrities started really wearing polka dots and carrying out the trend.
  5. Polka Dots are not only a fashion for women,  men love it too! I mean for goodness sake, there is a Polka Dot Man super villain who fights Batman & Robin. lol Although,more likely than not you will find a women fully dressed in polka dots, while a man may wear a polka dot tie. 
  6. Polka dots were not really a popular pattern on cloth or garments before machines that could make them evenly round and evenly spaced.
  7. Where does the name Polka Dot come from? There was a dance in Europe named the Polka dance. This dance was so popular in the 1800’s. Some might even refer to the era as Polka Mania, the polka craze. Because of this heavy craze, it’s believed that productions stepped up their marketing games, naming the ir products with the word Polka to entice consumers. Today what’s left is the polka dot dress. If anything, we got a pretty cute name for this dotty style.
  8.  Do you remember this song? “Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polkadot Bikini” This song came out in the early 1960’s & definitely kept the polka dot style going. You probably know this song from that Yoplait commercial that came out in 2002 which also helped keep the style going,  then again Yoplait came out with another commercial in 2009 using the same song although this time the ad was for “light” Yoplait.  
  9. Most people in 2017 would consider the polka dot to be vintage & nostalgic style, making the polka dot a classic go to.   

What do you think about polka dots? So you own any polka dot outfits? Whats your favorite pattern? Leave a comment below & have a spectacular day!


Xx Caroline Flowers

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    • Zinny on

      This is a lovely dress and great pictures too!. I actually love polka dots and so the fun facts are quite interesting to me! Thanks for sharing.


    • Radi on

      I’m not that big fan of polka dots, but like seeing others wear them. Really enjoyed learning these new facts to me about polka dots.


    • NikkiLivingLife on

      What a fun post. I love polka dots. It was really interesting to lean how the name Polka Dot came about. You look beautiful in your polka dot dress.


    • Tania on

      Fun facts on the polka dot trend, and yes I definitely consider them a classic. I love them a bit smaller, I think they are so cute!



    • sophie on

      Such a pretty dress and great pictures.So lovely.

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