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Feeling Like Your Goals Are Out Of Reach? Try This


Have you ever just felt like your goals are just so far away into the future, that they almost seem impossible to achieve? Do you ever worry that you will give up on your goals because they seem too far fetched to achieve? In today's post, we are going to discuss some simple things you can start doing today in order to make your dreams and goals more of a reality. 

  1. Write down your life goals. Everything you dream to achieve in your life. For example, graduating college, buying your dream house, getting married, traveling the world, going to Disney land, fulfilling your dream closet, having twins, etc. 
  2. Give your self the freedom of a "Goldy Lox" time frame. This means, not too short of a time frame, and not too long either.  Also, keep in mind that what might be a realistic time frame for someone else, may not be a realistic one for you. 
  3. Take your goals and dreams and divide them into three categories.
  • The Five Year Plan
  • The Ten Year Plan
  • The Anytime, Anything is Possible Plan 

Once you have placed your goals and dreams in the most realistic category, its time to break down your five year plan into steps you can accomplish in 3 months order to reach those goals. 

For instance, graduating from college with an Associates or Bachelors degree would most likely go into the Five Year Plan. Since college is broken down into semesters of roughly 4-6 months, this can be easy to document your achievements. 

  1. Research time. Lets start with the 5 year plan. Whether its graduating college or buying your dream home, start decoding the necessary steps you need to take in order to accomplish your dream and goal. 
  2.  Once you know what you need to do, divide up the work into 3 month blocks. 
  3. Once you complete your 3 month block goal, reward yourself. It can be as simple as crossing off that accomplishment from your to do list, or as lavish as a seasonal shopping spree or even a day trip to the beach. The choice is yours, whatever it is that gets you motivated really. 

Now that you've got the hard work out of the way, its time to get excited. You have just accomplished your first step to achieving your dreams. Sometimes all it takes is truly recognizing them.  When you put this on paper, it is instantly transformed into more of a reality. 

Call up all of your best friends for a vision board creation night. Get a bunch of magazines and pictures from online that represent your visions. Cut out your dreams and glue them onto your vision board. Once your done, place your to do list and vision board somewhere that is easily accessible and a place where you can glance at it daily. This will help keep your intentions on track by a constant yet subtle reminder. These are after all, your life dreams and goals were talking about here.

Take a moment and look back at your new years resolutions. How many were accomplished? How many weren't? Have you accomplished everything you set out for the year?  Were now 8 months into the year. The clock is steady and constant.  Its too easy to forget about the things we truly want when we get caught up in life sometimes. Although Its never easy to look back and realize this. Make today the day you commit to yourself your dreams, because after all your the only one who is gonna make them your reality!

I have created a free Dream Design template for you to use! All you have to do is copy and paste the template into a Word document or a Google drive. You can then print out the template and begin designing your dreams! 



 All of My Dreams & Goals 






















 My Dreams & Goals      

My 1 Year Plan

My 5 Year Plan

My 10 Year Plan

Anything is Possible!






















My Five Year Plan           (Tip: Copy 5x for 5 years) 


























My Ten Year Plan              (Tip: Copy 5x for 5 years) 


























 Happy designing your dreams!

Xx Caroline




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  • Jovan on

    Wow! What a beautiful post! These are some great advices! And thanks a lot for the templates! You’re awesome! xxxx

  • Cynthia on

    Need to do this since we are halfway through the year and I’m no where near hitting my goals! Thank you for the awesome tips!

  • Jalisa on

    What great advice! I love that you’ve suggested to break up our goals into a time frame. So often, we’re unrealistic with how soon we want things to happen or don’t think about it all, just wanting it NOW! It’s important to realize that certain things take longer to unfold than others. Thanks for sharing and I hope you’re having a great week so far!



  • Valerie on

    These are such great tips! Thanks for sharing!

  • Emmahlyn on

    I absolutely love all your helpful points and templates. It’s can be hard to stay focused on your goals and it’s great that you have methods for staying on track. The vision board night is so BRILLIANT! I’ll definitely be trying this with my close friends. Thanks so much for a great post!
    Warmly ~

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