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6 Reasons To Love Black & Gold


The black and gold trend 
 People everywhere are totally raving about it!
Here are 6 reasons for you to love this combo too!
Black & Gold Fashion
1.Its strikingly bold & beautiful, you are definitely going to make a statement in these outfit inspirations.
2. Black is a color that represents sophistication in a wardrobe and has a very powerful outcome when blended with gold. You suddenly go from intense sophistication to also exuding charm and abundance.
3. This color combination is cleverness and charisma at its finest.
4. Black can also be seductive AKA the LBD which is meant to be paired with a pop of color and we suggest that be golden accessories.
5. If you’re a winner, you’re going to rock gold. First place champions are the ones with the golden medals and trophies. In the fashion world we style golden dresses, shoes and accessories to symbolize that we are actually #winning. 
6. When wearing black and gold, let it dominate your look and let nothing else come in-between. It’s much more fun and flattering this way.
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  • Tracey Tikhonoff on

    I am in love with your fall collection. Great prices too .

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