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How to Care For Your Fashion Jewelry


I love trendy fashion costume jewelry, but they can be kind of tricky to take care, and I love to keep my jewelry looking as beautiful as possible, for as long as possible. So taking care of these fashion pieces are crucial to keeping on trend. Today I am going to share with you some secrets on how to keep your fashion jewelry at their sparkly best. 


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  1.  Keep your jewelry dry. This means taking off your jewelry when your sweating, washing your hands and even when it rains. This will help to keep your jewelry looking new. Metals and water do not usually mix well, they can begin to oxidize and tarnish over time. Fashion Jewlery
  2. Keep your jewelry clean. You can use a soft cloth to wipe them down after wearing  them (Yes, each time) & before putting them away. I know its ironic how I am photographing my jewelry with desserts, but I still made sure to clean up the jewels and stones after their photo shoot was finished! :)Statement Jewelry
  3. Alternate what jewelry your wearing. Probably the best thing about fashion jewelry is how it can be really affordable. So really you can collect quite a few stunning pieces, and have enough to alternate for multiple outfits. Giving your jewelry a rest can help them last a lot longer. Fashion jewelry
  4. Store jewelry separately. Its about that time to switch out this winter jewelry, give it a break, bring out the spring jewels and do a little bit of shopping too. The best way to keep your jewelry looking fresh for next season is to store them carefully and separately. If you are a member of Ipsy and have ever wondered what to do with all of those bags? Use them to store your fashion jewelry in a large box for next season!   Or use air tight plastic bags. Fashion Jewelry
  5. Hang your necklaces. When I was in high school, I used to own a gazillion necklaces, but I had no clue how to organize them. It seemed like they were constantly getting into a tangled mess, and when I would try and separate them, they often would break. I have found amazing DIY solutions for jewelry hangers on Pinterest. How to care for fashion jewelry
  6. Do not sleep or shower with your jewelry on. Treat your fashion jewelry the way you do your make up. Take it off when you get home, or before bed. This way they last a lot longer. Fashion
  7.  Do polish your jewelry with jewelry cleaners ever so often. Bring back the shine! fashion
          How to care for your fashion jewelry

    The basic breakdown:
    • Keep your jewelry dry
    • Keep your jewelry clean
    • Alternate what jewelry your wearing
    • Store jewelry separate
    • Hang your necklaces
    • Do not sleep or shower with your jewelry on
    • Do polish your jewelry
    • Use a soft cloth to wipe them down
    • Take it off when you get home
    • Store last seasons jewelry in air tight bags
    • Avoid the rubbish tangled mess

    There you have it!

    Also, be sure to check out the JEWELRY page for this seasons top picks! 

    What are some of your tips and tricks for keeping your fashion jewelry looking beautiful and new? 



    Caroline Flowers


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    • toyas tales on

      Great tips for keeping your jewelry in pristine condition.

    • jodie on

      These are some great tips!!
      I found that hanging my necklaces, makes it so much easier to see what I had!!

    • Hillory on

      Love this! I have such a hard time making my fashion jewelry last, but I love how glam they look.



    • Lynette on

      Such a great article with such amazing tips – thanks !

    • Maray on

      Beautiful post!

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