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How to Scout the Perfect Photo Shoot Location


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In today’s world, everything is just so visual, and you really have to think about what sets you apart from the other bloggers?  Are you the first to do something? Maybe you’re the best at it, or it’s something completely off the grid that sets you apart. No matter what it is, in this visually fixated world you definitely want photographs that look like a million, and send across the right message.

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Always be on your toes and keep a lookout for your next best photo opportunity. I like to keep a google doc with all of the locations I have ever considered shooting, and eventually all of these locations will become a reality. If you’re riding in the car and see a location, jot down the street names and a quick description of it.

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If you’re browsing Instagram and see some locations you like, save it and put it in a destinations album. If you’re browsing the internet, walking, hiking, or maybe you’re in unfamiliar territory, if you see photo opportunity, write it down. But sometimes places that are completely unexpected can make up the most creative photographs - so keep an open mind.  

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I also advise you to never limit yourself to any locations, because you never know when you might find yourself there, near or far, wherever you are. Be on the lookout.

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After I have determined my locations, I like to pick the outfits that will be most appropriate for the setting. Then, we set a date and venture off! It’s so much fun.

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For this particular photo shoot, we went with a whimsical, gentle and exotic vibe. Can you sense it too?

The natural, rural exotic location- which is actually my home town, I’m so blessed to live in such a stunning place.

It’s whimsical because these photographs are ethereal, gentle and natural for the most part.

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The only photograph you see here that includes anything man made is the photograph with the stunning architecture. A contemporary allure it adds to the velvety green rolling hills.  This location was everything we envisioned.

Now, what to wear…nothing better than the LISA ORGANZA DRESS. It’s a light weight material in white, roaring bell sleeves with sheer floral detail and the zipper closure in the front made it ever so darling, a perfect pair for this location.

Pretty In Pink Dress

Pretty In Pink Dress Forever DolledUp Fashion

Photography above by Blaze Williams 

Other Photograph location Ideas

Luxury: dripping in elegance shooting next to extravagant architecture.

Street Style: Visualize edgy, ripped, gritty, graffiti, run down fences, trains and a similar fashion style.

Mysterious/Exotic:  The roads less traveled, desserts, oceans, mountain tops, waterfalls and other tropical destinations.

Contemporary: Metal and glass buildings with cool tones, like grey, blue and silver filled with lots of natural light.

Country: Fields forever, barns, mason jarred flowers and golden tall grass with rusty old fashioned trucks.

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Forever DolledUp Fairytale


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Forever Dolled Up Dresses

Dresses at Forever DolledUp

What other locations or ideas do you have for making million $$$, well thought-out creative photographs?

Please share in the comments below.

Happy Monday Fashion Dolls, & Stay Forever DolledUp! 

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  • Lizzy on

    Great article! I’m always on the search for unique locations too. You truly live in a beautiful location! :)

  • Hillory on

    It’s so hard to find a good location to shoot sometimes! Great post.



  • Zunera on

    Amazing location! perfect for photo shoot.

  • Merel on

    WOW! these pictures are just stunning! <3

    X Merel

  • Anoushka on

    Love that last dress, so beautiful! Your locations are stunning and the tips are fab, it can be so hard to find the perfect spot especially if you’re a bit of a perfectionist like me!


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