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Secrets Of The Enchanted Cypress Tree Lane


Cypress Tree Lane Fashion

Cypress Tree Lane Fashion

Cypress Tree Lane Fashion

Cypress Tree Lane Fashion

Cypress Tree Lane Fashion

Cypress Tree Lane Fashion

Cypress Tree Lane Fashion

In a land far far away, some call it the garden of Eden, others refer to it as simply a beautiful tree lined drive way. Some say there is magic here, others say its haunted. The beautiful trees were planted in the 1930s, still standing strong, you will have to see this magical sight for yourself and maybe catch a few enchanted vibes along the way.



Cypress Tree Lane & The Morse Code Station

A few miles north of San Francisco you may find the enchanted landmark, cypress tree lane.  Known for its magnificent tree lined drive way, these trees are exquisitely lined in a majestic manner and are located in the Point Reyes national seashore station. Once you encounter the tunnel, you will notice an out of place building at the very end of the driveway. A beautiful black and white painted building called the KPH Maritime Radio Receiving Station sits at the very end of the beautiful tree tunnel land mark. This building was used in the past as a wireless telegraphy transmitting station, the historic Morse Code Station really. Every year on July 12th, an event called the "Night of Nights" is held in honor of the Maritime men and women. The public is invited to attend the event, explore this magical location & photograph their hearts away. 

What To Wear When Visiting Cypress Tree Lane

The good news is, for such a magical location, I had to go with the Mystic Emerald Lana Dress. The dress is so comfortable, cute & flows so nicely with the breeze. The top has a beautiful lace detail and the sheer skirt has a high low cut with a slip underneath. The perfect dress for any spring day.The bad news is, It sold out before I was able to share this post with you, but either way, I still had to! 

When vising cypress tree lane, remember to bring something warm to wear, it is after all the coast. Even on sunny beautiful days, it can feel so cold. It was so crisp, but totally bearable. I was able to remove my sweater without turning into an ice cube, but with the coastal breeze, its important to bring along a sweater. I came here in the summer once before and wore a dress with leggings a plush coat. I was chilled then too. 

5 Travel Tips:

1. Bring snacks & water. The road leading to this magical place is far out, especially if your thirsty! 

2. Sanitize. So basically there is only one restroom, with no water to wash your hands with. Your going to need to keep clean. Travel prepared. 

3. Please wear shoes you can hike in. I noticed a few people wearing pretty shoes and this is not the place for it. You will most likely regret it. (pain, twisted ankle, blisters, etc) If you really want to photograph your nice shoes I recommend carrying them along. 

4. Fill up your tank and bring some extra gasoline along. When traveling to places you are unfamiliar with and do not have accessibility to GPS, WiFi or any kind of connection, Its better to be safe than sorry. 

5.Bring some extra batteries along for your camera, your going to want to take a million photographs here.  :) 

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Have a beautiful Day!

Xx Caroline Flowers



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  • Batsheva on

    I love that dress on you! Honestly, I wish I could visit San Fran— but no matter how much ppl tell you that LA and San Fran are in the same state— they are still a good 8 hours apart. Some day.

  • Tania on

    Wow this is amazing! The tips are so good, I wouldn’t want to be stranded out there without any of these things. You look beautiful!


  • Merel on

    These pictures are so gorgeous and dreamy! Love it.

    X merel

  • Veena on

    Love the photography in this post. This is a beautiful place to visit. You look so chic in this dress.


  • Belen on

    Lovely shots darling!!! Looking gorgeous :)



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