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Secrets Stylish Women Do


So how is it humanly possible to look so gorgeous every single day? I mean, whats her secret? Everything she wears from head to toe is perfectly matched and  it comes together so effortlessly. Is this even real? I mean did you just throw on that outfit, or did you think about it for  the last 4 hours while getting ready? 

***Yeah, we all know that one girl. So whats her secret? How does she do it? 

Women who seem to be naturally gifted at always being so **stylish** 

Secret #1. Shes a planner. You would have never guest it...right? Any woman who is stylish, no matter the occasion plans in advance. That's right, sounds simple enough right? Now Get your planners out & plan your wardrobe for the next 7 days. As you do this weekly routine, here are a few things to consider. 

  1. The weather. Oh yea, you didn't forget about that sky above your head did you?  Especially if you live in places where the weather seems to be temperamental. For example, like California, you can wake up in a brisk 49 degrees, going throughout your day its 85, & now there is a dust storm blowing while half the sky is filled with sunshine & the other half looks like its about to plop a rain storm. Who knows...The point is, dress for the appropriate temperature. **If you can**
  2. Weekly To Do's. How will you be spending the next 7 days? You should officially take this into consideration. Will you be at the gym? Working your 9-5? College? Staying at home mommy? She plans for it in advance. 

Secret #2. She spends her time trying on new outfits from the clothes she already owns.  Its an exciting feeling getting new clothes, but we still have to be grateful for what we already have. Express your gratitude by playing with outfits and creating new looks with what you already own. 

Secret #3. She never lets chipped nail polish sit on her nails. Some of us hate it, some of us tolerate it and others just do not have a moment to spare. Wherever she is in life, she finds a way to take that chipped polish off.

Secret #4. She wakes up early/gives herself the time to get ready.  If shes working at 8:00 AM she is up & getting ready by 5:30 AM. Time is such a gift when you actually give yourself some. 

Secret #5. The right underwear for the right outfit, enough said.

Secret #6. Shes on Pinterest with a fashion inspiration board taking tips & brainstorming ideas for her next outfits.

Secret #7. She dresses the part appropriately for the event.

Secret #8. She gets the right amount of sleep, every night. Getting your happy amount of shut eye helps you stay focused, energized and really be awake. Nothings worse than being exhausted on a beautiful day. 

Secret #9. She eats healthy. You ever noticed how all of those amazing girls on Instagram post the most amazing healthy foods?  Food is fuel and you want to nurture your body with the best foods you possibly can. Eat healthy, get that serving of fruits & vegetables in everyday & thrive.  Click for Galaxy Bowl Recipe 

Secret #10. She pairs only one brand name item, with her favorite looks. This can be for example: carrying your favorite Channel bag with your torn up old jeans & stylish new top. Its not like your a walking billboard , but you got that style going girl. 

Secret #11. She doesn't over do it. This is how you keep the "effortless" look alive. To achieve the effortless look, you kinda have to look like you "just threw it on" without thinking too much about it. How do you accomplish that? You will know once you start asking yourself "Is this too much?"  


So there you have it! I hope you have enjoyed these fabulous tips on staying stylish! Whats your secret to staying stylish on a regular? Leave a comment below! 


Xx Caroline


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  • Len Parent on

    Loving this look on you babe! Perfect styling! Stay gorgeous!
    Have a wonderful week ahead!
    Much love, Len

  • Amanda on

    Great article about styling secrets! I think that planning is ideal, you have to keep the weather and other things in mind!

  • Tania on

    Such a cool post, I need to work on some of these! lol


  • Kaylee on

    This is so true! I do know a couple girls who always seem just so put together. I always knew you had to work for it but I never really knew what these girls actually did! These are awesome secrets to know!
    Thanks again for the amazing posts!!

  • Radi on

    I loved reading this post. Such a lovely topic.
    I’m definitely one that cannot have chipped nails and love my nails freshly painted.

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