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Happy Tuesday! Its my favorite day of the week! Because its launch day of course!

I am seriously loving these new looks! This week we are introducing summer-fall transitional styles! 

Make sure to expand the videos so you can see the whole picture and turn up the volume so you can hear the tunes! I posted who the music is by below incase you are is wondering. 😉

Who else is ready for some transitional fall styles? 🙋‍♀️🙌💕

I share these videos in the facebook group, but I also want to share them on the website blog because I know that not all of you are on Facebook or see these posts. 

Kendall's Reel below 👇  She is styling some cute pieces from the latest collection! Which pieces are you loving? 


These are a few featured styles from the latest collection drop Modeled by lovely Casey & Kendall 🌻 If you need the model fit details you can check it out HERE

Let me know which styles you love & want to see more of in the comments below! 💖💖💖 



♡ Sieze The Day Collection ♡


Music: Sunny
Musician: @iksonmusic

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