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The Hottest Summer Jewelry


Today I wanted to talk about the ultimate summer jewelry! The pieces that all the stylish girls have added to their summer wish lists, shopping carts and our number one summer sellers! 

Summers Hottest Jewelry 

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The Pineapple Paradise 

So sweet, refreshing and total tropical vibes! When I put these darling mini pineapple earrings on, I am suddenly in the Caribbean blue sipping on a Mermaid Mojito under a couple of palm trees in a cute airy dress on a swinging hammock. Yes please take me now! 

The Minimalist 

Yes, you are dainty, sophisticated, chic and particularly unique. Your prefer things with fine compositions and exact symmetry. When wearing jewelry like this, your on top of the world. Completely obsessed with minimalist and modern style jewelry! 


Semi or Precious Stones 

Who doesn't love the sophistication of a semi precious stone? Glimmering and sleek, smooth and so many unique natural varieties and colors. Absolutely a jewelry box must have! 

Ring Sets

Totally obsessed with ring sets! These are the best ice breakers! Going to a party where you dont really know any one? Wear ring sets, your bound to get a complement or some sort of attention for the bountiful fashionable beauties on your dainty fingers!  Whenever its time for a new set of nails, its a time for a new ring set to match your new nails! Fashion detail driven and loving every ounce of it! I cant even imagine the amounts of compliments!


So there you have it! Some of summers hottest fashion jewelry trends! Remember ladies to stay Forever DolledUp! 


Forever DolledUp

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  • Samia Ambaanae on

    Those are such a classical designed.
    You may find more stunning and marvelous looking design in Indian fashion jewelry. They have the newest collection all the time which are more affordable to all. You find those are good looking for all the seasons.

  • DEMELER on

    Love this babe!

  • Zorica on

    Amazing jewelry.

  • Jovan on

    Oh! The pineapples are just too cute!

  • J on

    Ohh, what a great detailed post babe! Annanas and all the boho ones are so gorgeous! Ah they all are, can’t choose! xx

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