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Travel Tips Point Reyes Lighthouse






Point Reyes National Seashore is an unforgettable sight. Located in California, just a few miles north of San Francisco. In an earlier post we talked a little more about Cypress Tree Lane which is just a few miles before the seashore. In this post I want to focus more on the seashore and the lighthouse. When you plan your next trip to California's North Bay Area, be sure to stop here. You will absolutely be amazed by the stunning sights and beauty of this place. 

Travel tips

  1. Visiting for scenery and photography: If you are interested in only visiting the lighthouse for photography purposes, I recommend visiting any time of year except for summer. During off season, the lighthouse operating hours will change. You can still visit any day of the week to capture images, but going inside the lighthouse wont be an option when operating hours are closed. In this case, it means less people will be there which will give you a better opportunity to capture the lighthouse from many unique angles. 
  2. Visiting to explore: If your interested in exploring and spending some time at the lighthouse, I recommend visiting in the summer. Get up early and drive out as soon as you can, this place can get really packed in the summer. You might not even be able to find a parking spot if you get there too late. Plan to arrive by 10:00 am for best availability. 
  3. The Northern California coast can get pretty chilly, even in the summer, so bring a back up sweater just in case.  
  4. Your gonna get fit. To get down to the lighthouse, there are over 300 steps you will have to go down. If you think that is easy, wait until you have to climb back up the stairs. You are going to feel it the next day! 
  5. Its FREE to get into the lighthouse! No fees. Although, your gonna work your butt off to get to it first. 
  6. If you want to see the lighthouse shine its light, arrive either early morning (like 6 am) or late evening. 
  7. Visit in the spring for flower season. Pretty flowers everywhere! March, April and May are the best times of year for this scenery. 
  8. Want the opportunity to capture some whales with you camera? Visit early in the year, January until mid spring is usually best. 
  9. Bring along sanitizer for there is only one restroom with no where to wash your pretty little hands. 
  10. Stay connected for the next post. I will share some tips & photographs on the Chimney Rock Station, which is just before you get to the lighthouse! 

Have you ever visited Point Reyes?

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Xx Caroline



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  • Cynthia on

    Wow these photos are stunning and I have a thing with lighthouses too! You look gorgeous in the white dress my love!


  • Jovan on

    Caroline, you look stunning in all the photos!! And location is perfect! I’m obsessed with Lighthouses lately!

  • Taylor on

    Such a gorgeous lighthouse, beautiful photos!

  • Rina on

    Thank you for your super sweet words on my last blog post! You have such stunning travel photos too babe. So glad I’ve been introduced to your blog too =)

    Rina Samantha

  • Jamie on

    Love these tips! Actually really helpful! I really want to visit! I love forever dolledup & your photography is always so beautiful!

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