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The Lace Dress


A lovely lace dress is a staple in my closet and should be a staple in yours too.

Here’s why:

The Beginning of Lace:

Lace has been worn for centuries and started really around the 16th century. Wearing lace was pretty much a status standard for royalties and those who were well off enough to afford it. It was so expensive because of its intricate, time consuming and laborious production. Thank goodness we are in 2017 and getting our hands on lace is relatively easy.  

Seasons for Lace:

As naturally as the seasons come and go, the styles of lace change with it, never truly going out of style. In spring & summer, you will find pretty blush lace dresses in skater cuts and lace crotchet beach dresses in white. In fall you will notice grey laced skirts and rust painted lace tops. In winter you will find red maxi lace dresses and black noir laced tunics.

Clothing cuts come in & out of style, but lace is always on the runway.

Looks of Lace:

Lace is everything. Big and bold, delicate and feminine, beautiful and extravagant, fashionable and unique, it’s simple to say that lace comes in every style you can dream.

Lace DressHappy Lace Shopping Fashion Dolls! Have an amazing day! 

How do you feel about lace? Leave your comments below 

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Oh' Aviv Dress

Oh' Brooklyn Dress

Oh' Parker Lace Mesh Skater Dress



Xx Caroline Flowers


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  • mary on

    Those white lace dresses are so pretty on you. You are right that you can never go wrong with one anytime of year!

    Love, Mary

  • Batsheva on

    I love that long sleeved lace dress you have on! It immediately caught my eye. Its also very true what you say about the history of the lace dress— it used to be so intricate and expensive to make, I don’t think we realize how much we take for granted such a fabric nowadays. I actually have this amazing lace dress that I got when I was in jerusalem. It’s so beautiful, and vintage looking, and is honestly one of the best dresses I own.

  • Susanne - Bag at you on

    That Lace dress is super pretty! Big Xx Susanne –

  • toyas tales on

    Lace is a beautiful and romantic fabric. You look pretty in your lace dress.

  • Nina Nguyen on

    A lace dress is def. a must!!

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