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What To Wear On The First Date


Going on that first date can be so exciting and yet so nerve wracking.  When you meet someone for the first time, you really want to make a lasting and positive impression. So for all of the things that can skew out of control, the one thing you have complete control of is what you choose to wear.

Tips on how to dress for that first date:

  • Dress appropriately and comfortably for the occasion.
    • By dressing comfortably, it means not stuffing yourself into something that is too tight or heading off to that first date in those yoga pants you have been rocking all week long. Wear something that fits you well, so you feel confident and beautiful.
  • Try to balance sweet & sexy.
    • Basically, don’t dress like your heading off to a night club and don’t dress like you’re going to church either. Be true to yourself. Find that sweet dress that lets your beauty shine, but that’s not overly distracting. You can do this by choosing to reveal one part of your body, while hiding the rest. Example:  Shoulders or legs or cleavage or back etc. Pick only one.
  • Save your runway outfits for your girlfriends.
    • Statement pieces are fine, but not necessarily appropriate for a first date. Keep it simple and delicate, especially when it comes to jewelry. You really don’t need to wear those Godzilla hoops on your first date ya know?
  • Wear the color that makes you glow.
    • When you have a rainbow of choices to choose from, wear the color that looks best on you. This is a pretty safe bet and realistically you don’t have to stick to the little black dress rule.

Follow these steps & on your next first date, you will look effortlessly beautiful, just as you are naturally. Be true to yourself and you will make that positive lasting impression. Good luck ladies!

Here are just a few examples: 


What are some of your favorite looks for going out on that first date?  Leave a comment below & share to your favorite social media! 


Xx Caroline Flowers

Caroline Flowers


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  • Valerie on

    These are such great tips! Thanks for sharing!

  • Gemma on

    Lovely outfits for a first date! Gemma x

  • Miriam on

    yo para mi primera cita con mi novo me buse una blusa que compre en y hasti hoy el se acuerda de la hahaha

  • rita on

    What a great post!
    gros bisous

  • Violette on

    Nice post and great tips!

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