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Where & Why We Moved Out Of Napa Valley



So recently my family and I packed up our house in Napa and moved to a dreamy neighborhood in Natomas. It's only about 35 miles north of Napa and I must say, its a really wonderful place to be. Many of you may have heard of Napa Valley for its wine, earthquakes, and fires. Natomas is rather a newer place, quietly positioned between woodland and Davis, Ca. The neighborhood vibes here are so different than in Napa but in a totally good way. People have been so friendly, welcoming and most importantly, family-friendly. You don't really get "family friendliness" in Napa anymore, unfortunately. As the wine, hospitality, and tourism industry in Napa began to boom over the last few years, it's really been a wake-up call for a growing family with a growing business like ours, to find somewhere a little more like home. I also suffered from severe allergies in Napa. Literally every single day was a struggle to breathe for me. I can't remember a time where I didn't suffer from hay fever living there. I honestly just couldn't take it anymore. It was time to go. Hubby and I always knew Napa wasn't going to be our forever home town or even the place where we wanted to raise our family long term. Over the last couple of years, we had begun our search for a good place to call home (for a while). We searched across the entire North Bay area with a maximum radius of 50 miles in any direction from Napa. We still wanted to be close to our friends and our favorite restaurants and the coast. We contemplated these cities: San Fransisco, Sonoma, Natomas, Santa Rosa, Benicia, Vacaville, Occidental, Elk Grove, and Woodland. We really spent a couple of years on this. We would go out and spend days in neighborhoods we would potentially live in, visit the shopping nearby and spend some time doing the different city tourist attractions. We had such a hard time choosing a city because we loved them all for different reasons. Eventually, we decided to see several homes in Natomas and we instantly fell in love with the neighborhood we are in today. There are fields of mustard flowers for miles, colorful blooming trees all over in shades of pink, purple and white. Huge beautiful parks on every single corner, it was perfect. Sky Scraping Palm trees are everywhere here, the roads are clean, wide and filled with street lights! Something you just don't get in Napa. We were really able to check off our "dream neighborhood" list criteria. So we decided to settle down and call it home. Our kiddo made neighborhood friends instantly after we moved in & we are still so close to everything we know! Living here now actually opens up a lot more adventure for us too. We are in driving distance to any flavor! The ocean or snow, great lakes, big cities, and rolling hill countrysides. This location just has so much more potential in the big picture. It's a good place to call home, with good year-round weather and so much fun to explore & raise our family! It was a bit of a tricky transition but all in all, we are so much happier and healthier here. 

Many people have been asking us why we left Napa and moved our boutique so I decided to write a little journal post to answer all of those questions! I have shared some photos from our neighborhood above! More photo updates coming soon.


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