What To Wear To A Winery: 21 Best Winery Outfits

Since working in the wine industry for nearly a decade, I can definitely guide you in the right direction on what to wear to a winery.  As someone who currently lives in wine country and has grown up in Napa valley, I have seen so many cute winery outfits over the years and a few that should have been skipped! Let's dive deeper! 

In today's post I am going to guide you in the right direction on what to wear to a winery! 

If you haven't been to a winery before or you are just trying to figure out what to wear to your next wine tasting reservation, this guide is for you! 

As someone who currently lives in wine country, and loves to go wine tasting, I am always on the hunt for the next best winery outfits! It's one of my favorite things to do- Get dressed up, visit a winery with my husband or friends to enjoy some excellent wine, food and take in the vineyard views. It's such a lovely way to simply relax and live in the moment. 

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3 Cute Winery Outfits To Try 

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What to skip wearing to a winery?

Here's the deal, while some wineries are fancier and others more casual, there's a few things that you just gotta skip, regardless of the wineries atmosphere. This is basic good wine tasting etiquette, but you'll have fun either way! 

Skip the perfume

This is a biggie. Avoid wearing any perfumes or colognes to a winery since it can overpower the wine tasting leading to an inaccurate perception of the wines.

During a wine tasting, you will be sniffing your wines often and if you are wearing any scents, then you and anyone around you won't be able to smell what they are drinking.

This also includes essential oils, scented lotions and overly potent hair sprays or deodorants. Sometimes these products wear off by time you get to your tasting appointments but its good to be aware. Go the scent free rout for any wine tastings. 

What To Wear To A Winery

Skip the mints

While this isn't something you wear, it is simply good wine tasting etiquette. Skip eating any mints before or during your wine tasting. Mints can alter your taste buds since they contain menthol which have a cooling effect, thus altering the taste of your wine.

During your wine tasting, you want to use palate cleansers such as plain crackers or plain bites of bread to re-set your palate in-between each wine. Mints will not only interfere with your palate but also the aroma of the wine. Save your mints for after your wine tasting is complete. 

Skip wearing white

The truth is that wearing white to a winery is such a lovely idea and will look so pretty for pictures in the vineyard. The downside is that any little droplet of wine on a white or light colored outfit can stand out like a sore thumb.

It's just too easy for you or someone near you to splash some wine, swirl their glass too big or full on knock over a glass. Trust me, I have seen it all happen.

If you do decide to wear white to a winery, carry a bottle of wine away on you. You should do this anyway just incase. You can also pack another item of clothing in your car for any uh-oh moments. 

One time, I was wine tasting and the wind came through and literally blew over my glass of wine all over my lap. It was a moment I wished I packed some extra clothes or wine away on me.

Thankfully, I was wearing a mixed green and blue lace dress so the red wine stain wasn't horribly noticeable after the wine dried. Unfortunately, I was never able to get all of the wine out of that dress. The wine had dried before I could get a chance to get the stain out-hence keeping wine away on hand! 

What To Wear To A Winery

Skip those High Heels

Even at the fanciest wineries, skip the thin high heels. Choose cute flats and sandals for comfort. Go for wedges or chunky heels for some added height and walkability.

Most wineries are located in country like settings and the terrain can be tricky to navigate. Most wineries have some sort of rocky walkway, or pebbles, dirt, grass and un-even terrain. On top of that, many wineries may include lots of walking or standing as part of their tours or tasting experiences. 

Sometimes you'll even find yourself in slippery and very active wine cellars - Especially during harvest. Other times you'll find your self out in the vineyards and high heels will get stuck in the dirt or grass. It's just better to be safe than sorry. Go for cute flats or wedges! 

Wineries offer stunning backdrops and make beautiful photos. Because of this, I have done several photos shoots at wineries wearing skinny high heels, but this is merely for the photo shoots. Since we own a fashion boutique, its fitting, but not for the actual wine tasting experiences. 

I always keep a pair of flats in my bag for the actual walking around. Trust me when I say you'll want to wear flats or chunks. Even at some of the wineries where I took photos in high heels purely for media, I was struggling to walk in heels. I would swap my heels to flats in order to walk around. 

Sometimes wineries have tons of stairs to climb up or trolleys to ride up or the buildings are over 100 years old and the floors are cracked or uneven. Skinny high heels just make it so much harder to get around. The last thing you want is to feel uncomfortable.  

If you really want to wear heels in your photos just pack them in your bag and swap your shoes when you find a pretty spot to take your picture. 

If you are familiar with the location and you are comfortable with the walkability, then by all means wearing heels is completely up to you. 

PS. If you are going to a tasting room (not a winery) you can wear high heels since tasting room settings are similar to restaurants.  

What To Wear To A Winery

Mustard fields in Oakville, CA 

Skip the sticky lipstick

I am a lipgloss girl so this one always hits hard, but when wine tasting you want to skip the lipstick or anything that will smudge your glass. It's just good etiquette. Wear a lip satin or long lasting lipstick that won't smear all over your glass. 💋

What To Wear To A Winery

Skip Handheld Purses 

You want your hands to be free to explore and taste wine. A clutch will just get in the way of that. I swear by crossbody bags for wine tasting because they stay out of the way and you can hang them from your body or chair when tasting, walking or exploring the vineyards. These style bags simply allow you to better enjoy yourself. 

BONUS tip: Wineries often have a relaxed dress code, but it's best to avoid super casual attire like flip-flops, ripped clothing, or cut-off booty shorts. Save those outfits for the beach! (;

What to wear to a winery in Napa?

If you are going to a wine tasting in Napa valley you will want to dress up in a smart casual way. Think: Beautiful sundresses or a nice blouse and pants. Complete your outfit with wedges or a nice pair of flats.

If you are not sure how fancy or casual you should dress, look up pictures of the winery before hand and determine based on the ambiance what would be appropriate. Some wineries are more casual while others are more elegant. 

If you still aren't sure how to dress, It's probably better to be a little bit over dressed than underdressed. However, you can skip wearing a cocktail dress or a full tux & don't go over board with accessories since these items can get in the way of your movement, tasting and touring. 

I recommend keeping a light cardigan or a layer of some sort on hand. Since wine tastings and tours can sometimes be held in cooler setting like the cellar or fermentation rooms. These spaces are generally set around 50 degrees to keep the wine stable. You might be going in and out of these spaces on tours which means you will get hot and cold so having a layering piece you can remove is a smart way to keep yourself comfortable. 

Imagine how you would like to dress for a classy adventure. Follow the 3 C's of style: Comfortable, classy and cute. 

What To Wear To A Winery

What to wear to a winery in Oregon?

If you are going to a wine tasting in Oregons wine country you will want to dress up in a smart casual way. The Pacific North West offers a wet and cool climate so you will want to wear layers to stay warm and Chelsea boots are a great option during the rainy season. If you are tasting in the warmer months (June-September) go for a nice sun dress and flats or wedges and layer with a light cardigan or kimono. 

Can I wear jeans to a winery? 

Yes! You can defiantly wear jeans to a winery and dress them up with a nice blouse to elevate the casual look. Choose a non distressed pair of jeans for a chic look and skip distressed, torn or cut offs. 

What to wear to a winery for lunch?

Whenever I visit a winery for lunch, I always make sure to dress comfortably yet lovely. The goal is to look cute, stylish and comfortable. I want to focus on enjoying the beautiful atmosphere and delicious wine and food without worrying about my clothes being out of sorts. 

I love Dresses:  Dresses are always a safe choice! I recommend wearing a flowy and lightweight midi or maxi dress. Complete your outfit with a pair of sandals or flats, sunglasses and minimalist jewelry for added sparkle. 

What To Wear To A Winery

What to wear to a winery for dinner?

 Wear a lovely sun dress with wedges and sparkling minimalist jewelry to a winery dinner. You could also choose a blouse paired with dress pants for a chic winery dinner look. A winery dinner dress code is smart casual style and it's safe to say it's better to be slightly over dressed than under dressed.  

See winery style options below for more outfit recommendations

Lets dive in

What To Wear To A Winery - 17 Best Winery Outfits

What To Wear To A Winery



Flower power meets playful style in the Begin Again Floral Dress. Crafted from silky Poly Satin, this dress features a square neckline with charming ruffle details, statement balloon sleeves, and a smocked elastic waist for a flattering fit.

The tiered and lined skirt adds movement and volume, making it perfect for any occasion. Get ready to turn heads in this charming and fun dress!

What To Wear To A Winery


Pair a paisley blouse with magenta flare pants for a fun winery day look! This look is made for both work and play so the versatility is amazing! It's also stretchy and comfy in all of the best ways. 

What To Wear To A Winery


The prettiest outfit for a wine tasting date! Upgrade your style game with our Grow as We Go Collared Tank Dress. This playful dress features an eye-catching eyelet design, full lining for comfort, and a collared neckline. The front button closure and functional drawstring make it easy to wear and adjust, while the scooped hi-low hem adds a touch of fun. 

What To Wear To A Winery


Perfect for an elevated winery visit! Wear the A Cup of Ambition Tulip Pants! These unique pants have a smocked back waist for a comfortable fit and a stylish tulip leg design. The woven knit material and flat front make them perfect for any occasion. No stretch, but plenty of confidence. Versatile and even perfect for any 9 to 5!

What To Wear To A Winery


Get ready to turn heads in our No Garden, No Problem Bubble Sleeve Dress! The lined puff sleeves and drop shoulder add a touch of drama, while the textured woven fabric and ruffled neck detail add a unique twist. No stretch and a keyhole button back closure make this dress comfortable and easy to wear. Perfect for any occasion, even if you don't have a garden!

What To Wear To A Winery


This dress is irresistibly charming! Loving the Simply Can't Resist It Balloon Sleeve Dress. Such a fun and cute choice for a winery day! Made with a woven fabric and featuring a square neckline, front lined bodice, and cased elastic shoulder, this dress is both comfortable and stylish. The balloon sleeves and smocked elastic backing add a playful touch. 


What To Wear To A Winery


Can I wear shorts to a winery?

Yes and no, it depends on the winery. If you choose to wear a pair of shorts go for a classic pair such as a khaki or colored, pinstripe  or eyelet shorts. Pair your classic shorts with a dressy blouse, a necklace and sandals to elevate your wine tasting day outfit.

Just note that while some wineries may be more casual than others, it's important to check out the winery website ahead of time or look up their social media to see what other people are wearing. Sometimes shorts are too casual for some wineries but perfectly okay for others. 

You can also dress up your shorts with a Kimono to add some stylish flair and elevate your look. 

Skip shorts that are distressed or too short and opt for a classier pair instead. Colored denim can sometimes appear dressier (depending on the design) and offer a more classic look over blue cut offs. 

Example of a cute and laid back casual wine country summer look: 

What To Wear To A Winery


Elevate your summer style with Greta High Rise Garment Dyed Shorts from Judy Blue! Featuring a high rise fit and a non-distressed bone khaki color, these shorts are an elevated update on a classic denim look. Perfect for any occasion, these shorts will keep you looking stylish and feeling confident.

Tap into your 'Cool and Confident' side with our Show and Tell Mixed Print Peasant Blouse! Crafted from a soft woven material, this blouse features a V-neck and functional neck tie for a touch of elegance. With front button closures and raglan, balloon sleeves, you'll be sure to turn heads. The smocked elastic sleeve cuffs and scooped high-low hem add a playful touch to this must-have piece.

What To Wear To A Winery


Add an easy layering option to your wardrobe with the Blooming With Happiness Cardigan. This lightweight Bulgari cardigan features an open front, side slits and patch pockets for a comfortable yet polished look. It's an easy layering option to spice up your fit for any occasion! 

What colors can I wear to winery?

Essentially-you can wear any color you like to a winery. However It is highly recommended to avoid wearing light colored clothing to a winery.

While any color is technically acceptable, any little droplet of wine on a white or light colored outfit can stand out like a sore thumb. 

It's not against the rules or anything, but accidents happen in the least expected ways. Popular colors to wear to a winery are "grape" colors  (pun intended) Think purples, burgundies and reds are also pretty popular colors to wear to a winery.

What To Wear To A Winery


Look stylish and comfortable in the Daydreamer Mixed Floral Top! This top is designed with woven chiffon fabric, crocheted edging, a lined puff sleeve, and ruffle detail. It fits comfortably and is detailed with a keyhole button closure. A perfect choice for any occasion.

Turn up that sass with the Haley High Rise Control Top Denim Skirt. Feel slim and confident with its tummy control technology, while its classic medium wash adds a touch of retro to your wardrobe. This high rise denim skirt is the perfect addition to any outfit. (Rock that high rise, girl!)

Can I wear a denim skirt to a winery? 

Yes, you can wear a denim skirt to a winery. Since denim is a more casual choice, be sure to check the winery & its social media in advance to see what people are wearing and the dressiness of the winery atmosphere. Make sure to choose a non distressed denim skirt and pair it with a dressy blouse for an elevated casual look. 


What To Wear To A Winery


Take a leisurely walk in our showstopping Stroll in the Park Floral Dress. With a round neckline and exaggerated balloon sleeves, this elegant dress is both comfortable and stylish. The smocked elastic backing and bright floral woven fabric make for a perfect fit, while the fully lined interior and silky feel add an extra touch of luxury.

What To Wear To A Winery


Add some bold contrast to your wardrobe with our In Contrast Floral V-Neck Top! Featuring a playful v-neck and adjustable tie at the chest for the perfect fit, this top also has flutter sleeves and an encased elastic waistline for added comfort. Don't miss out on this quirky and fun addition to your closet!

What To Wear To A Winery


A lavender maxi dress is a perfect outfit for a wine tasting day!

Experience carefree elegance with our In My Carefree Era Tiered Ruffled Dress. Made with crinkle woven fabric, it features a sweetheart neckline, relaxed puff sleeves with ruffle accents, and a tiered design for added dimension.

The cased elastic on the waist ensures a comfortable and flattering fit, while the plunging neckline and functional back tie on the back add a touch of allure. Don't miss out on this must-have for your wardrobe!

What To Wear To A Winery

Comfy, casual and stunning describes this woven overall jumpsuit with side pocketsin a unique patchwork print design. With wide legs and functional buttons, catch glances with this stunning jumpsuit.

What To Wear To A Winery


Look more than lovely in this fuchsia & aqua midi-length woven flutter sleeve dress with a beautiful drape, a smocked bodice and side pockets. Layer with a jean jacket for Easter festivities or for any occasion.  

What To Wear To A Winery


This dress is the perfect combo of function and fun. With functional strap ties and a tiered design, you'll be comfortable and stylish all day long. Plus, the woven floral adds an extra touch of luxury to your permanent holiday (or any day) vibes.


What To Wear To A Winery


Get ready to turn heads with our Someone to Care For V-Neck Dress! This textured woven knit dress features a smocked rear waistband for a flattering fit, and playful crochet detailing on the chest. With a ruffle tiered bottom and a v-neck, this dress is perfect for any occasion. (Careful not to get too many tears from compliments!)

What To Wear To A Winery


The Anywhere You Go I'll Be Collared Dress is the perfect blend of style and comfort. Made with soft corduroy and featuring a relaxed fit, this dress is both functional and fashionable. With front chest pockets and a tiered skirt, it's the perfect dress for any occasion. Plus, the functional buttons and sewn cuff add a touch of practicality and charm. Make a statement wherever you go in this dress!


What kind of shoes should I wear to a winery? 

The best shoes to wear to a winery are comfortable and cute pairs. Choose chic flats, wedges, ankle boots or stylish and clean sneakers for a casual winery visit. Just remember to skip the high heels as they are not practical for a winery visit. 

I am obsessed with the Corkys brand shoes! Not only are they insanely comfy, but they are also made out of CORK! And what better place to wear shoes made out of cork than a winery to pop that cork at! -ok I know, that was a painful pun, but non the less, it's so true! 


What To Wear To A Winery


If you want some height with your winery outfit, shop these Chunky Corkys sandals! Elevate your everyday look with our Daily Stroll Wedge Sandals! With a supportive rubber sole and cushioned foam padding, you'll effortlessly slip into comfort and style. The metal tack accents and contrasting cork add a touch of sophistication to these chic slip-on sandals. 

What To Wear To A Winery


When visiting a winery, choose both comfortable and classy styles. Make sure to bring some layers like a light cardigan or kimono for changing temperatures throughout winery tours. Remember to wear sunscreen for winery tours and bring sunglasses or a hat! Wear chic walkable shoes and minimalist style jewelry and accessories for comfort and style. Dress in a smart casual way and you'll have an amazing time at your next wine adventure! 

What To Wear To A Winery

Visiting a winery is a lovely way to spend the day enjoying good company, majestic views and sipping on delicious wines.  


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