Romantic Backyard Date Night Ideas

There's nothing quite as nice and relaxing as having a romantic backyard date night!

Planning a romantic backyard date night can be a fun way to make good memories and enjoy a relaxing evening at home. It's a unique way to enjoy quality time without the hassle of going out or dealing with crowds.

A backyard date night can be a total surprise, or planned night. How fun would it be to surprise your significant other one day with a romantic backyard date night?! 

In today's post, we will plan a romantic backyard date night to the nines! 

Romantic Backyard Date Night

Every element can help set the mood. Think lighting; such as string lights or candles and you'll want to make it cozy and comfortable. You will also want to have your outdoor space nice and clean. A freshly mowed lawn also helps! 

With a bit of preparation and creativity, your backyard can transform into a romantic haven. Little touches like candles, comfy blankets, and your favorite music can make all the difference. You just need to focus on personalizing the experience to reflect your unique relationship.

Romantic Backyard Date Night

How to plan a romantic backyard date night? 

To plan the perfect backyard date night, you'll need to pick a date, get a budget together and pick a theme for the evening. 

  1. Set a date and time that works for both of you. If it's a surprise, pick a time when you know you will be home before your partner, or send them off on an errand to give you some time to set up the surprise. 
  2. Pick a dinner menu theme for the evening 


Romantic Backyard Date Night
Romantic Backyard Date Night

What are some good romantic backyard date night themes? 

Picking a theme for a backyard date night can be fun and it can help to inspire the menu you would want to create for the evening. You can go all out or keep it simple, whatever suits your taste. 

I did a simple romantic wine country style backyard date night for a random Friday night after work. It was a nice way to welcome the weekend with immediate relaxation after a long week of work. A perfect way to start the weekend! 

Backyard Date Night Theme Ideas: 

  • Rustic campfire 
  • Stargazing theme
  • Bohemian nights 
  • Old Hollywood
  • Napa Valley Wine Country
  • Desert Oasis 
  • Zen Garden 
  • Enchanted Forest 
  • Romantic Bistro Setting 
  • Rustic Romance 

Romantic Backyard Date Night

Beach Mermaid Moonlight Date Theme 

If you have ever watched Mayko Island's H20 you'll know all about how the moon romanticizes the mermaids. The great thing about a nighttime Moonlite date night is the privacy that comes with the night.

For this one, set up some blankets and pillows in the grass. Place lanterns with candles all around to set the ambiance. Prepare a fresh salad and fruit skewers for dessert. To drink whip up some fresh Pina coladas. And bonus points If you can serenade with a guitar. 

Romantic Backyard Date Night

A Night in Paris Theme

Set up a bistro table with a checkered table cloth and decorate your table with twinkling mini candles in candle holders. Serve a classic cheese platter with wine to pair and chocolate mousse for dessert. Turn on some classical piano tunes to complete the romantic ambiance. 

Romantic Backyard Date Night

A Starry Night Theme

Lay out some cozy blankets and pillows for a cozy night under the stars. Place fairy lights in mason jars around your setting along with a telescope for star gazing. PLay some ambient or instrumental music to set the mood. 

Make sure to download some stargazing astronomy apps on your phone. Pick up your favorite take out for a starry night meal. Complete the dinner with a French 75 for sipping and stargazing. 

Romantic Backyard Date Night

Bohemian Nights Theme 

Lay out a boho fringe rug or blanket out on the lawn and top off with patterned cushions. Surround your setting with plenty or lanterns of candles and string lights above. 

For the menu, cook up some veggie skewers and a fresh fruit salad. Pair with a sangria to drink. Place wind chimes all around to set the sound ambiance and enjoy a romantic boho night out. 

Romantic Backyard Date Night

Enchanted Garden Theme 

An enchanted garden theme can be so romantic and dreamy. You can start by setting the mood by playing some soft classical music. Decorate the garden with fairy lights and center your table around lots of potted flowers and plants.

Use a vase of roses as the center piece for your table. A bottle of sparkling wine and a pasta dish would complete the enchanted garden theme.  

Romantic Backyard Date Night

How to create the ambiance for a backyard date night? 

I tend to overthink these things and dive too deep into how to make every element perfect. But sometimes simpler is better and for a backyard date night, this is usually true.

Setting the ambiance is all about lighting and the music. 

Apple Music has some good playlist you can sort through and pick your favorite collection of songs. For date nights, I usually like to play instrumental music in the background which can help set the mood and get the conversation going. 

Lighting such as string lights, fairy lights and candles are just perfect and everything you need to create the right ambiance. 

Romantic Backyard Date Night

The goal is to simply set up a romantic and cozy memorable date night. This way you can spend your time enjoying each other's company. You can go as simple or as grand as you like with a backyard date. 

Unlike typical outings, a backyard setting offers the opportunity to personalize the environment and activities, making the evening extra unique and special for the two of you. 

Romantic Backyard Date Night

What to wear to a backyard date night? 

Not sure what to wear to a backyard date night? I usually like to wear a cute and comfy bulgari or buttery soft dress for a backyard date. Since I am home, I want to be comfy but I also want to dress up. Check out these ultra cute and comfy dresses made perfect for a backyard date! 


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