5 Reasons Why I Love The Diamond Light Eyeshadow Palette By Too Faced

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This eyeshadow palette is absolutely stunning! The colors are so vivid and absolutely beautiful. When I first saw it I knew it was a total must-have! Here are 5 reasons why I love this eye shadow pallet and recommend it! 

1. The pigments are vibrant, yet subtle, and completely beautiful. Sometimes eyeshadows can look vibrant in their packaging, but once you put the powder on your eyelids the color just isn't up to par. With this diamond light pallet, this isn't the case. The pigments are just vibrant and beautiful. 

2. All-day wear. I love this pallet because when I wear it with or without a primer, it lasts all day long. I'm really happy when I come home after a long day of errands and my eyeshadow is still looking vibrant, clean, and in its place! 

3. Cruelty-free. You know how I only wear cruelty free makeup. Because no puppies, kitties, or bunnies were harmed in the name of beauty! Thank goodness! Guilt-free luxury is the best of its kind! 

4. Organized. The eye shadows are organized by look. The top row is a nude look, the second row is a blush collection, the third row is a mix of more intense golds and reds and the last row is a night out smokey eye 👁 set. Of course, You don't have to follow this to any degree but it makes the 10 minute morning makeup routine an absolute breeze. I don't have to think about color combinations, it's set up for me. Just put it on and go! 

5.Glitter options. Each section has a glitter option which I love. I'm not always in a glittering mood,  but when I am, this set makes it so easy! My favorite row is the second row. It consists of a light blush hue for the eyelid, a deeper blush hue for the mid to outer lid, and an opaque offwhite brow bone shadow with hints of blush sprinkled in. If I'm in a glittering mood, ill top off the look with a splash of Rosey glitter for a fun Friday or something. It's nice because unline my other shadows, I have to go out of my way to find a specific glitter to match the shadow. This set makes it so nice and easy.


Final thoughts

Would I recommend this product? Absolutely! I love it and every time I wear this shadow I get compliments about how nice my make up looks!

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