9 Cute Ways To Wear A Headband

Headbands are back in full swing and we are loving this trend! It was definitely one of my favorite accessories as a kid and Im so happy they are back. There are more ways than one to wear a headband. With slight hairstyle adjustments, you can complete any outfit. Checkout these 9 trendy hairstyle ideas for the latest hairstyle inspo. 




1. The wide headband. Start at your hair line and push it back. It will hold your bangs in place and give you a sweet look.



2. The wrap headband. This is a fun and festive look. Put the wrapped headband around your neck like a necklace, then pull it up from the front to sit nicely over your natural part. 



3. The pearl headband. This look is classy and lovely. Naturally air-dry your hair for a pretty wave and place the headband just behind your ears for a posh statement. 



4. The bandana scarf. This one is good for a pretty casual day look. Just wrap the scarf around your head with either your hair down or up for a casually classic look. 



5. A little pop of color. Sometimes you need to add just one more element to complete your look and a bright headband can be the finishing touch. Use the headband to keep your bangs in place and out of your eyes. 



6. Keep it sporty with a cute tie-dye headband. You can leave your bangs out and pull your hair back for a flirty and sporty chic look. 



7. A statement embellished headband might just do the trick. Keep your hair slick and straight for a prim and proper vibe. 



8. This headband parting combo is a classic go to. For a casual and flirty mood, go with a patterned headband. Wear your hair all natural with a part it in the middle and place the headband at the back of your head to achieve this look. 



9. This look gives us all of the Gossip Girl vibes. With naturally flowing waves, add a  braided headband to your slightly off center part for this posh statement. 


What's your favorite way to wear a headband? Let us know in the comments if you have ever tried any of these looks before and which one you love most? 

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