9 Trending 2020 Summer Satin Outfits

The runways are covered in satin, and for good reason. Everything from long, silky satin maxi dresses to satin crop tops and everything else in between. Satin is simply in and it's here to stay awhile.

Satin can be easily styled as casual, romantic, and even casually professional when you are wearing it with a blazer. Satin is one of my absolute favorites and I'm so happy about this trend. I surely will take advantage of it all while I can.

I love wearing satin because its comfortable on my skin. It doesn't pull or tug. It feels smooth, silky, and surely won't make my skin wrinkle. As much as I love to sleep in satin, I enjoy wearing a cute satin top while grocery shopping, enjoying a hot summers day picnic, or even just around the house.

It is perfect for dressing up for parties as well. Just add some shimmering jewelry for a glimmering night out. So many possibilities. 

Check out these top 9 gorgeous satin picks!


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Loungewear & Luxury 

Loungewear is definitely in right now and will most likely continue to be trending for a while. Satin is great because of its versatility. You can wear it as loungewear because of how comfortable it is and yet you can wear it out and it will make a totally luxurious outfit. So many possibilities! 

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What is satin? 

I get this question a lot. People ask me if an item is "real satin" or "is it fake satin". So I thought id clear up the air here. Satin is not actually a material in and of itself. Meaning that satin is not a type of cotton or silk or rayon, etc. Satin is a weave structure that happens during the construction of a garment. Satin has fewer interlaces which is why satin garments are so soft and smooth to the touch. 

Satin can be produced from nylon, polyester, rayon, or silk. Essentially, satin is a weave structure and not a raw material. 

The pros to satin

Satin is luxurious to the touch, soft and lustrous 

satin is versatile, comfortable and beautiful

works well for contemporary styles and designs in fashion 

Its figure-flattering as it drapes elegantly 

There are many more benefits to satin and the best way to discover them is to try it out for yourself! 





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