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Creative Coffee Art


It wasn’t long ago when I stumbled across an Instagram photo of a colorful cup of coffee art on Instagram & tagged was a coffee shop in SF called HomeSF. I was thinking how was this coffee shop so close to home & ive never heard of it before? I mean, when we’re not processing orders we are literally living in coffee shops. This coffee shop isn’t just your ordinary shop serving ordinary cups of joe. They definitely have your well known coffee menu available but they also have a creative menu for those looking for something a little extra special. You can check out their Instagram account Here  to see all the cuteness they create. I ordered the creative Birthday cake coffee with soy which actually tasted like vanilla cake + to sum up the order with a couple of espressos & a creative hot chocolate. If your a coffee lover definitely check out this sweet little shop in the city! 


If this coffee shop is a little too far from home definitely check out my homemade recipe for a creative & festive coffee or hot chocolate here. 

Ps. Our recipe makes a perfect way to wake up your loved ones for a happy birthday, anniversary or just to show a little love. ;)


XX Caroline


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