How To Measure Your Body For Clothing Fit & Online Shopping

Here is your ultimate guide  & tips for proper sizing and measuring! Following our guide will help to get you the best possible fit! 
Women's Standard size chart 
This size chart below is a standard American sizing chart. Most of us are familiar with the size chart yet so many still have so many questions! Read on to get all of the tips and best practices when choosing to clothe! 
Standard Plus Size Chart



















This is a standard guide to understanding length and what length really means in terms of where it will most likely fall on our bodies. Do keep in mind, that your own personal height will also determine how long or short a dress may be on you.

A dresses length is measured from the hollow (top of the dress) to the hem (the end of the dress)


Here is a standard hollow to hem size chart for your reference:






Mini-Above Knee





Midi-Knee Length





39” 1/2

Midi-Tea Length 





Maxi-Ankle Length 




54” 1/2

Maxi-Floor Length 





Where and how to measure? This is by far the most dreaded question! As someone who works in retail and is constantly measuring garments and people, I have come to learn that most people have never actually measured their own bodies before or simply don't know how to properly measure their bust or hips. 

As we move more in the direction of an online world, this information is crucial for shopping online and even in person. Get to know your body and the right places to measure for the best fittings.

let's talk about important measuring areas! Check out my diagram below for best practices. 



Tips For A Great Fit: 
  • If You Can, visit a professional tailor 
When you are ready to make an online purchase but you are not sure which size will suit you best, have someone else, preferably a professional take your measurements for you. This will ensure that you get the most accurate and up-to-date measurements of yourself.
If you cant get to a professional in time, have a friend or family member take the measurements for you.
Tip: Stand naturally while someone else is taking the fit for you and you will come out with a more accurate measurement.
When you are bending in different ways trying to get a measurement of yourself, you may end up getting an inaccurate measurement. 
  • Measure all the way around
When measuring your body, you need to measure all the way around. Measuring only half of your waist for example doesn’t help much and may lead to incorrect fittings. 
  • To wear a bra or not or not to wear a bra while measuring?

When measuring your bust, make sure you are wearing the bra you intend to wear with the outfit of choice. This will help you get the best fit possible. 

Tip: Become best friends with your tailor

Styles, cuts, designers, and fabric types can affect the way clothing fits or sits on the body. When Purchasing clothing, online, or in-store it is definitely recommended that you bring your clothing into the nearest tailor to get your items fitted best to your body. If only everything was a one size fits all.

If the clothing item fits and is comfortable, but it might be a bit loose in the armpit area for example, just take it in to your tailor for the perfect fit! This can make a $60 dress look like a million bucks! Get your clothes tailored for a perfect fit. 

  • What about in-between sizes

This can have a few different meanings. Are you in between a small and a medium? or in between sizes L and 1XL? Here is the deal, go for stretchy clothes.

Anything and everything with spandex, elastane, or malleable fibers like cotton, bamboo, rayon, and lycra are good choices. Even Polyester offers some good stretch. If you can find clothing with even a couple % of spandex and elasticity, your set. 

If your still not sure, size up. You can always visit your tailor to get your clothes fitted, or if anything, roll up your sleeves and rock your relaxed fit top. 



  • How & Where To Measure 
Bust Size: Measure around your body, under your arms, and over the fullest area of your bust. 

Waist Size: Measure at your natural waistline, the narrowest part of your waist. This is located just above your belly button. Measure around your entire body. To ensure a comfortable fit, keep one finger between the measuring tape and your body.

Hips Size: Measure around the fullest part of your hips, placing the tape about midway between your bellybutton and crotch. 

 Inseam: Find a pair of pants that fit you well. Measure them from the crotch seam down the inside seam to the hem.

* Keep the tape comfortably loose

Check out our videos for tips on how we measure our clothing! 
How to measure womens tops, T shirts & sweaters:
How to measure cardigans:
How to measure bottoms:
I hope this has helped & that you find your next best OOTD! Happy shopping! 
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This has been a really helpful post. I love your tips and will definitely use them for shopping online and shopping in your store. I love looking at clothes online and have a hard time deciding what size I should get but this taught me a lot. Thank you!

Leslie February 09, 2021

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