Napa Valley Traveling Tips

Napa Valley Traveling Tips

 Napa Valley Traveling Tips

Traveling in Napa Valley is a simple way to experience luxury and leisure. Whether you're here for the wine or the picturesque views, there's are some tips and tricks to make your travels unforgettable for all of the right reasons. There are some must-see destinations for any traveler in Napa Valley, and a way to tie your itinerary together with ease.


If you're coming to town as a wine lover, there are a few things you're going to want to keep in mind. Summer is the most popular time for tourists to come into town, but it's not necessarily the best time to visit. Coming in September and October allows you to beat the crowds and overbooked hotels. Plus, this is "crush" time when they harvest the grapes. Here are two of the best wineries to visit when you're in the area!

V.Sattui Winery

This is a favorite with locals and tourists because of the sprawling grounds that make it perfect for relaxing and having a picnic. The atmosphere is always jovial here with a family-friendly vibe.


This is a lesser-known winery than V.Sattui, and it happens to be an appointment only. Don't let that intimidate you though, as the staff is extremely friendly at this small boutique. Their educational tour is incredibly informational, and you get to sip wine as you tour the facility.  Perfect for groups!


Napa is known for its grapes, but did you know their mud baths are a huge drawing point? There are high concentrations of nutrient-rich volcanic ash content in the north end of the Valley. The therapeutic mud baths are a mixture of ash, hot spring water, moss, and other natural minerals. Dr. Wilkinson's is the original source for mud baths in the valley, and Golden Haven Hot Springs is another worthy option to check out.

Traveling Safely

One way to tie your Napa Valley itinerary together is to ensure that your transportation is taken care of. If you're new or unfamiliar to the area, you're going to have to deal with things like finding directions, dealing with traffic, and figuring out where to get parking. If you're with a group, a Bus Company in Napa offers the perfect solution. It's a lot better than ordering a ride share service, and the features in a party bus are incomparable to the back seat of a sedan.


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canadian weight loss pills April 13, 2021
My hubby and I have been talking about visiting Napa for some time now. Hopefully we will get there soon. Thank you for these awesome tips. Will definitely look into visiting in September or October. Would love to see the harvesting process in action. I enjoyed looking at your beautiful pics. You are a vision in that white dress and that sunset is breathtaking.


Nikki Living Life January 22, 2018

Love your post!
thanks for sharing!!!!

so cool

itzel Najar January 22, 2018

That place is so so stunning! Wish I was there to relax.
Lovely photos :)

Yara Mel January 22, 2018

That place is so so stunning! Wish I was there to relax.
Lovely photos :)

Yara Mel January 22, 2018

Thank you for such a thorough review. Napa Valley looks incredible!

Zhanna January 21, 2018

Wow this place is really incredible, and these colors and views.. breathtaking! I would love to see and taste this wine and relax :)
xx Dasynka

Dasynka January 21, 2018

So beautiful! I especially like the winery and just look at that nature.

Radi January 20, 2018

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