8 Reasons Why I love & Wear Too Faced Makeup Products Everyday

8 Reasons Why I love Too Faced Makeup Products! 
If you love makeup and trying out new colors and pallets, then hear me out! Here are the 8 reasons why I love Too Faced Makeup products! Now let me tell you, I've been a loyal TF customer for a while and have tried almost all of their products and fun new releases! Their products never disappoint and have always left me feeling more excited to purchase their next new releases!
  1. All-day wear. I love TF foundations because it lasts on my face all day long. I love the flawless coverage their foundation gives me and it doesn't melt off or sit into the pores of my skin after a few hours. Now I do use the foundation with a primer-every time. 
  2. Values. I love that this company has values! Their makeup products are cruelty-free and most of the items are vegan as well. Now in case you don't know the difference, cruelty-free means that their make up is not tested on animals like in a laboratory and vegan means that their makeup is not made with animals or their by-products or have had animal testing done. So it's a win for everyone! The bunnies thank you too! (: 
  3. Colors. The pigmentation and color variations on their eye shadow palettes are absolutely beautiful! The eyeshadows look vibrant, moody and luxurious. The blush is beautiful too! 
  4. Smells So Good! The makeup smells amazing. They infuse their shadows and products with the yummiest scents! The chocolate palette really smells so good and chocolaty. After all, they use real cocoa powder! Check out this powder that smells amazing here.
  5. Clear Skin. This is probably more personal than the rest, but this makeup doesn't make my skin break out. Sometimes I fall asleep with it on and my skin looks clear the next day. So that's a plus. 
  6. Affordable. Their products are super affordable! I'm not talking like drug store makeup inexpensive, but the majority of their products are under $50 which makes them so easily accessible and affordable! 
  7. Aesthetically pleasing. Yes, everything they design is simply adorable and always pleasing to look at! It really makes it so fun to collect all of their different seasonal collections!
  8. Mascara. Yeah. I've gone through more bottles of mascara than I can count from Sephora and Ulta. I always come back to the Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara. This mascara makes my lashes so thick and pretty without all of the flaky crusty break-offs or melty run-offs I've experienced with other brands. It's so easy to remove with makeup remover and doesn't tear out my eyelashes along with the mascara.


So there you have it! 8 Reasons why I love wearing Too Faced here at the boutique! What's your favorite makeup brand and why? 






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