The Napa Town & Country Fair

Napa Valley is a beautiful place to live. Luscious green vineyards for miles on end, fresh blue skies, and an abundance of the world's highest of quality wines. Luxurious resorts, high-end dining, and nothing less than the best. Although this town is so luxurious in many ways, it's also a quaint town. The kind of town where everyone knows everyone. I just wanted to share with you what our annual fair looks like here. Most of the tourists don't come to Napa Valley for the fair,  but by far, its the cleanest and safest fair I've ever been to! Childhood memories of first roses and sweet kisses on the Ferris wheel, cotton candy with the BFFs, and overly sweet sticky drinks. Sunny skies, dizzy rides, and teddy bears are just a few of my favorites. Goldfish, water gun games, and kids squealing on the roller coasters. The smell of fresh hot candy apples, kettle corn, and fried french foods. What are some of your favorite memories from the fair? 

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