Yountville Picnic Style

Yountville is a darling little town in Napa that’s filled with fantastic restaurants, world class hotels and small but fine family owned tasting rooms. This town wasn’t always so touristy, it was a small family friendly town with cute family farm style homes, pretty parks with playgrounds and blooming flowers all around. You could easily find apple orchards & vegetable gardens all around. All that charm is still here & so much more these days with perfectly spaced out vineyards and art all throughout the town. Everyone dresses up when visiting Yountville. Fun, flirty floral dresses are a must and most popular here. Garden inspired and styled to perfection! Pretty oversized floppy hats and sandals are a must, as walking around here is irresistible! There is just so much cuteness to discover. We carry darling wine country styles that are just perfect for your vacation here. Make sure to check out our boutique & if you’re in town you can order right to your hotel & in town delivery is fast! So, you can wear your new wine country style OOTD right away!


Xx Caroline


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