Got Nothing To Wear? Here Are 15 Fashion Fixes

Have you ever felt like you just have nothing to wear? Yeah, I know right! Me too! I've been there time and time again. You are not alone! 

It's one of those feelings that kind of creeps up on you when you least expect it. And then BAM! It hits you right in the face when you are in a rush, trying to get out the door for an early work meeting, or school, or a date and you are already running late. 

You just don't know what to wear, and everything in your closet feels totally BLAH! 🥴 You know what I mean? 

This is what I call having a fashion emergency.

It may seem like everything was fine before and then all of sudden it's not. Why is that??

Well, let me tell you something. There's been something in the background of your life that's been building up to this moment of  the "I hAvE nOtHinG tO wEaR!" feeling or statement. And yes, I typed it like that because that's how it feels in RL. 😉 

First, let's diagnose some reasons why you might be feeling this way and next we will get into how to fix it. 

In today's post, we are going to dig a little deeper and discover ways to improve this fashion dilemma 

15 Reasons why you have nothing to wear

what to wear when you have nothing to wear


Are Your Clothes Over Worn?

If you have been wearing the same outfits over and over you might start to feel like your look is getting a little stale.

I know that sometimes it seems like I am subconsciously reaching for the same pair of jeans everyday when I have 25 other pairs. 

If you are finding yourself feeling stuck reaching for the same outfit over and over, you may have just gotten too comfortable wearing the same thing. If you wear certain items over and over, they may start to become worn looking, overwashed and faded which will dull your entire outfit. 

The Fix:

It's time to break out of your wardrobe shell and explore some new styles. When this happens, I like to take some time to re-try on everything in my closet. Or at least several pieces that I haven't worn in a while and plan out my weekly wardrobe in advance.

You can then find pieces that are missing in your wardrobe and go shopping for them HERE

Suddenly you'll feel more confident in that items again and maybe even excited to wear those pieces after seeing yourself in them again. I also like to order a new necklace, or accessory to spice up the old outfits. 

nothing to wear

You haven’t cleaned out your closet in a while 

If you haven't cleaned out your closet in a while, it's probably time to do it again. If your closet starts to get too cluttered and you can't find anything it's probably time to take some inventory of what you have, want, don't want, and what you need. 

I clean out my closet twice a year. Once for spring/summer and a second time for fall/winter. I highly recommend doing this to stay on top of things. Especially if you are like me and you love to shop. 

I like to use storage bins for my out of season clothing to keep them nice and ready to go for the future season.

You can organize your clothing by season such as: SPRING/SUMMER & FALL/WINTER

How to clean out your closet each season 

  • Label your bin for spring/summer or fall/winter
  • Decide on if you want to keep, donate or give away an item before placing each one into your bin
  • Do the same thing when unpacking your bin for the new season. You may no longer want certain pieces 

Bonus Benefits

Putting away out of season clothes can actually help you to "forget" about what you own and makes it seem like a bunch of brand new stuff when you unpack it all the following season.

It also helps to make more space in your closet allowing you to see what's weather appropriate and it can make getting dressed easier and leave you with more space for bringing in new pieces to love. It can also help you identify what you are missing in your wardrobe.


Owning too many basics

Owning great quality basics is actually the first step and a great foundation for styling several outfit combinations. However, if you only own basics and don't have any statement or fun pieces to throw in the mix, you may start to feel like you have nothing to wear. 

Try adding some fun statement pieces to your next look like these ones HERE 

nothing to wear

Do you have several pieces in only one particular color/print? 

Are you attracted to a particular color or print? If you take a look in your closet and you see the same exact colors repeating many times over, you might be naturally attracted to the particular style. 

For example, I had a friend who would only wear black and she would feel uncomfortable to try different colors or patterns. If your closet doesn’t have any variety and lacks flavor in style, your soon to feel like you have nothing to wear. 

There's absolutely nothing wrong with this, but if you notice that you are naturally attracted to a certain color or style, decide to go for and try different and new prints as well.

There are so many fun patterns, prints, colors and styles still left to try. I love stripes, animal print, solids, florals, color block and several other patterns available to choose from. Don't be shy, try them all and discover what you love. 

The Fix: Incorporate a variety of styles, prints and textures into your wardrobe rotation. Don't be afraid to mix it up. 

nothing to wear

You wear the same outfit over and over 

If you find yourself reaching for the same exact outfit every single day, you may start to feel like you have nothing to wear. And I get it, sometimes we get comfortable wearing something and literally never want to take it off. This is your sign to mix it up. If none of your other clothes excite you anymore, it's time for a shopping spree! 

The Fix: Shopping Spree SHOP HERE

nothing to wear

nothing to wear

You haven’t gone shopping in a while

If you haven't gone shopping and refreshed your wardrobe in a while, you will likely start to feel like you have nothing to wear. I notice that after I have worn everything in my closet, after a while I start to get bored of the clothes.

The fix: Sometimes adding a new accessory, or jacket is all you need to refresh an older look. 

nothing to wear

 The clothes don't fit you anymore

Over time, our bodies naturally change. And that's totally okay! But if you are still trying to wear the same outfit you wore in high-school, you will likely be feeling like you have nothing to wear. Sometimes it can be hard to be honest with ourselves and let certain looks or outfits that we have just outgrow or no longer serve us go. 

The Fix: Let it go and replace the clothing that is no longer serving you 

nothing to wear



The season has changed

Living in California my entire life meant that true seasons weren’t something I ever experienced. It never really dropped below 60 in the wintertime, except for at night, sure, but an almost year around sunny 60-90 degree rotation just meant throwing on a cardigan in wintertime and putting it away in late winter.  We would be swimming in the backyard pool by April. IYKYK.

After moving to the Pacific North-West to be closer to family, I discovered "seasons" for the first time and had to quickly adapt. Fashion is something that comes naturally to me, so I didnt struggle much, but it helped me to finally understanding the true meaning of the season- in a fashionable sense. Lol 😉 I mean, I finally understood why people wear those huge gigantic puffer coats. It never seemed necessary to me before. 

If your wardrobe isn't seasonally rounded, you'll be digging through your closet that's full of summer in the middle of winter and feel like you have nothing to wear.

The Fix: Shop for seasonally appropriate clothing

Every month I put together a collection that is appropriate for the season. So no matter what season it is, you'll find something to love. Check out my collection HERE

nothing to wear

You had a baby or are pregnant?

Did you recently become pregnant or have a baby? This can definitely leave you with a feeling of "I have nothing to wear". When I was pregnant, my body started changing a lot, even before I had a noticeable bump. This made my clothes start to fit kind of funny, or not be as comfortable.

After I had my baby a lot of my clothes didn't fit for a while either. It's been a year since I've had my baby and although I am back to my postpartum weight, still some of my old clothes just don't fit quite right anymore. I am nursing my baby so a lot of my old tops just don't fit me the same right now. I am still going to keep these clothes for when I am done nursing, but for now I have put them all away. 

The Fix: This is common for a lot of new moms. It's totally normal to have a new body after baby. Adjusting your clothes to your new body will help boost your confidence and give you fresh new clothes to wear! 

nothing to wear


Moved to a new city or state?

Moving to a new city or state can be a big change. But nobody talks about how a lot of times, we have to also change our entire wardrobe to fit the new location. Especially if the environment and weather is completely different. 

The Fix: Asses your environment and figure out what pieces you are missing and let go of some pieces you will no longer be needing. 

nothing to wear

Got a new job or going to a new school?

If you just landed a new job, congrats! Thats awesome! Sometimes when starting a new school or a new job, you don't fully know the dress code. It's easy to overthink what to wear in these situations and start feeling like you have nothing to wear. 

The Fix: Take a deep breath and know that it will all be okay! If your dressing for a new job, dress professionally and well on the first day. If you think it might be too casual, don't wear it. You can also call HR and ask about the dress code if possible.  

If you are going to a new school, just remember to be yourself and dress in a way that is naturally your style. Sometimes shopping for a new outfit can make you feel more confident too. 

nothing to wear

Bored of your current clothes?

Are you getting bored of everything you own? I sure do get bored of wearing the same outfit and seeing myself in the same clothes all of the time. This is just human nature. This is also why it's important to have a good selection and rotation of clothing to choose from. 

The Fix: I like to put away clothes that are out of season. Out of sight out of mind.

This helps me to forget about the clothes and when the new season rolls around, I feel like the clothes are exciting or new again. I also like to incorporate a few new pieces with old pieces to make old outfits feel fresh.  

nothing to wear

My Clothes Have Holes

If your clothes have gotten a hole, you are likely not going to wear them leaving you feeling like you have nothing to wear. But dont worry, there are a couple of easy fixes you can try right away. 

The Fix: If you have a hole in your clothing, you can definitely try to mend it by sewing it back shut. You can also try using fabric glue for smaller holes. This will help give your clothing a second life and keep them going longer. 

If they are not mendable, you can also donate or recycle the clothing and replace them with new ones. 

nothing to wear

I am Feeling Uninspired 

Sometimes getting in a fashion rut can leave you feeling like you just have nothing to wear. It's totally normal and this happens to even the most fashionably appointed people from time to time.

There are so many reasons why we might start to feel uninspired from time to time. It might be the weather, your energy levels or a lack of motivation. Sometimes we can feel unmotivated when things get a little boring and mundane. 

Sometimes the best way to get out of the uninspired fashion rut is to actually just try something new.

Go out to a new restaurant, visit a new city, do something you love to do that you haven't in awhile. Doing something fun can help you feel motivated and inspired to get all dolled up again. 

nothing to wear

Don't Know How to Put Outfits Together?

Putting good outfits together can be a bit challenging. To some people, putting together outfits just seems to come naturally but If you feel like you struggle putting good outfits together then you'll likely feel like you have nothing to wear. A great way to start is by pulling some inspiration. 

How to put together an outfit:

  1. Check the weather 
  2. Decide on a focal piece such as a dress or top
  3. Next choose a matching jacket or cardigan if the weather calls
  4. Pick your accessories, like scarves, jewelry, hats, etc
  5. Finish with shoes and a bag


nothing to wear



I have nothing to wear to a wedding? 

A dress or suit is a great option to wear to a wedding as a guest. If you don't have anything nice to wear to a wedding you might want to consider buying a cute wedding guest dress from HERE or renting one. 

If you have a friend or family member who shares the same size as you, you could try borrowing something. Of course, borrowing may come with stringers attached, so depending on the situation it may be just better or easier to purchase something totally new and all for you.

Nothing to wear

What to wear when I have nothing to wear?

Start simple to avoid overwhelm. First thing is first. Check the weather to help you choose accordingly. Then you should decide on a focal piece, such as a dress, top or pair of jeans. You can style the rest of your outfit around the focal piece. You can then move on to the next step, which is to match your top with a pair of jeans, then jacket. Add some accessories like jewelry, a scarf or hat. Complete your look with your purse and lastly shoes. 

  1. Check the weather 
  2. Decide on a focal piece such as a dress or top 
  3. Next choose the second part of your outfit such as jeans or jackets, etc.
  4. Pick your accessories, like scarves, jewelry, hats, etc
  5. Finish with shoes and a bag

I hope that this list was able to help you identify why you might be feeling like you have nothing to wear and some of the ways you can tackle this fashion dilemma.

Putting together a cute outfit when you feel like you have nothing to wear can sometimes be a bit of a challenge, but sometimes just adding some fresh pieces into your wardrobe rotation can really help inspire some fresh new looks. 

Be sure to check out this collection of cute new styles to help beat the fashion woes 


nothing to wear


Reasons Why You Have Nothing To Wear:

  1. Own have too many basics
  2. You have too many items in only one particular style 
  3. You wear the same outfit over and over 
  4. You haven’t gone shopping in a while 
  5. The clothes don't fit you anymore
  6. The season has changed
  7. You had a baby or are pregnant
  8. Moved to a new city or state 
  9. Got a new job or going to a new school & you don't know the dress code
  10. Bored of your current clothes
  11. Clothes have holes or worn out 
  12. Feeling uninspired 
  13. Dont know how to put together outfits 

Maybe your fashion emergency is one of the reasons above, or maybe its a combination of a few.

Just remember to have fun and not take it too seriously. There's just so many cute and creative ways to make a gorgeous outfit! 

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