25 Ways To Wear A Shacket | What Is A Shacket?

While summer comes to a close and that early crisp autumn breezing flows through our open windows, thoughts of getting cozy start creeping in.

There’s so many wonderful things about fall, and one of my favorite things about fall is fall fashion, of course!

As temperatures start to cool in the mornings and evenings, we start to reach for those cozy layering pieces. That's where the Shacket comes into rotation. 

Ways To Wear A Shacket | What Is A Shacket

Today I am going to answer all of you’re Shacket questions.

I get so many emails with questions on a daily basis asking about this so I wanted to have a place for you to reference as needed. But don't be shy, if you have a question about anything, please feel free to reach out to me anytime. 

Let's dive right in! 

Ways To Wear A Shacket | What Is A Shacket


What is a Shacket?

Well, to put it simply a shacket is a combination of a shirt and a jacket and born is the shacket. 

It's really the ultimate layering piece for fall and just about anytime you need an extra layer to keep you nice and cozy. 

Ways To Wear A Shacket | What Is A Shacket

Shacket  Jeans  Boots

Are Shackets just a type of Jacket? 

Shackets come in all sorts of styles and fabrics. Some shackets are lightweight yet still heavier than a long sleeve shirt, while other shackets are a thicker medium weight, still being lighter than a full on jacket, making it the ultimate layering piece to have in your closet. 

Shackets are absolutely versatile and come in all kinds of prints, colors and textures as well.

What I love about a good shacket is how easily I can just throw it over so many different types of outfits and suddenly I have a cute and cozy fall or winter look. 

They are also generally designed to be oversized, which makes them, great for layering pieces together. This is great because sometimes fall can be really chilly in the morning and rather warm mid-day. 

Ways To Wear A Shacket | What Is A Shacket


What to wear with plaid Shacket?

There are honestly so many cute ways to style a plaid shacket. I personally love a good plaid shacket with a solid top and some good jeans.

Depending on the shacket, I also love to pair it with a cute dress when I am going for a more casual vibe. I also like to style my outfit with jewelry like stacking rings to add a feminine touch to my look. 

Since shackets are generally loose fitting, I prefer to pair it with form fitting tops and jeans. It will help to balance out the overall look. 

If there’s too many loose fitting articles of clothing, the outfit can then start to appear frumpy and overwhelming baggy. Here are some outfit ideas with stackers that I am loving. 

Ways To Wear A Shacket | What Is A Shacket

Shacket Jeans 

Is plaid back in style?

Are you a fan of plaid? Well then you are in luck! Plaid is one of those prints that doesn’t really ever necessarily go out of style.

It’s a classic print, meaning you can always count on it in your wardrobe as a staple, however plaid is also one of those prints that gains popularity usually in the cooler months. Like fall and winter. You will likely see variations of plaid prints come to life in fall and winter each year.

3 Unique Stylish Ways to style a Shacket

Once I discovered how versatile stackers are, I was ultimately hooked. There are so many unique and fun ways to style a Shacket. Just need to get a little creative and have fun putting cute outfits together.

You will eventually find your unique style and go-to look. Or you can be like me, and have several variations of styles. Just wear what your in the mood for & whatever the weather permits. You'll look great, I promise! ;) 

Ways To Wear A Shacket | What Is A Shacket

Style a shacket with a Graphic Tee

Ways To Wear A Shacket | What Is A Shacket

Style a plaid Shacket with a chunky knit sweater

Ways To Wear A Shacket | What Is A Shacket

Style an oversized plaid shacket with a crop top & HI-waist jeans 

Where to buy plaid Shacket?

You can find shackets at local shops and boutiques, the mall or you can check out my online boutique here and shop my popular shacket collection. Several of the shackets have sold out pretty quick on release day, but I bring in new styles regularly. 

Are Shackets cruelty free?

Yes, Shackets can be made cruelty free. You just have to know which materials to go for. Shackets are made with various materials in order to accomplish varying textures, weight and style. 

Cruelty free materials include: 

  • Acrylic
  • Polyester
  • Nylon
  • Cotton
  • Spandex
  • Rayon

When purchasing a shacket, make sure to check the materials. If you are concerned about cruelty free materials, avoid shackets containing animal fibers, which are not generally considered to be cruelty free. 

Plaid shacket outfit examples

Ways To Wear A Shacket | What Is A Shacket
Ways To Wear A Shacket | What Is A Shacket
Ways To Wear A Shacket | What Is A Shacket

Shacket Jeans

Shackets that make a statement

When you style your plaid Shacket, you want to stick with solid colors for the blouse you wear underneath your printed Shacket. This keeps your outfit looking balanced and beautiful. You can go all out when it comes to adding texture, like chunky sweaters and scarves. Play around with various types of tops underneath your shacket with the clothes in your closet and see what variations you can come up with that look good. 

Aztec Shackets

Get an effortless on-trend fall look with these super soft and comfy brushed Aztec print collared jacket with side pockets, and a Hi-lo hem line and button cuffed sleeves.These str Mid-weight and super versatile!

Ways To Wear A Shacket | What Is A Shacket
Ways To Wear A Shacket | What Is A Shacket
Ways To Wear A Shacket | What Is A Shacket


I am seriously drooling over these gorgeous aztec and tribal print shackets. I have brought so many cute ones into the boutique this season and the feedback I am getting is amazing. 

There are so many cute shacket styles and outfits. You can wear Shackets in a dressy manner or keep it pretty casual and down to earth. Really, whatever look you are going for, you can accomplish it with the right shacket. 

What size Shacket should I get?

Since Shackets generally have an oversized design, it's actually recommended that you stay true to your usual go-to size to accomplish the look you are going for when styling a shacket.

It's good to check the size chart or item measurements when purchasing a shacket online to make sure that you are getting the correct fit. 

All of my shackets that are "oversized" still technically fit me rather well. They fit well around the shoulders and don't slouch because I am going with my true to size. Even though shackets are sometimes designed to be oversized.

The arm length on shackets can be a little long at times which actually helps to give the "oversized" look by being able to scrunch up the sleeves or roll them up. It's just part of the fun flair of styling a good shacket. 

Ways To Wear A Shacket | What Is A Shacket

How to wash Shacket?

The best way to wash a shacket is by hand. You will need to turn the shacket inside out and gently wash it with cold water. If you have a washing machine with a hand-wash setting, you can place your shacket in a mesh bag and place your shacket on the lowest gentle no spin cycle setting with cold water. You will then want to lay your shacket flat to dry, or hang dry for best results.

How to wash Shacket:

  1. Turn Shacket inside out
  2. Place Shacket in mesh bag
  3. Turn washer setting to extra gentle or no spin or hand-wash setting (if you don't have a washing machine that offers these settings, you can wash the shacket by hand. 
  4. Use cold water and your favorite detergent 
  5. Once the wash is complete lay the shacket flat to dry 
  6. To remove excess water, gently press the water out while the shacket is laying flat. Do not wring! 

If you are worried about your washing machine or if you do not have a gentle setting, I recommend truly hand washing the shacket. You can fill a bucket or sink with cool water and small amount of gentle liquid detergent.

Gently wash the shacket by hand. Rinse out the detergent with fresh water and lay flat or hang to dry. To squeeze the excess water out, gently press on the jacket, but do not wring as it can cause damage to the fibers. 

But please, please remember this! Do not place the shacket in the dryer or ring the water out. You won't be too thrilled with the results if you do this. 

Having a good washing machine is so important in helping to take care of our clothes. I recently purchased a new washer and dryer and I love the machine! I actually trust it to wash my clothes gently. I am currently using the Maytag Commercial technology washing machine and its a dream! I love it so much. My clothes always come out so fresh and clean and the gentle setting is actually gentle, which is great. I would have never trusted my old washing machines gentle setting. 

Ways To Wear A Shacket | What Is A Shacket

How to style a Shacket for work?

If you are wondering whether you can wear a Shacket to work or the office the answer is yes! Although several shackets generally have a laid back style to them, there are shackets that exist that have a fantastically professional appearance. Shackets are really so versatile and cute! Here are a couple of my favorite ways to style a shacket professionally for work. 

4 Ways to style Shackets for work:

how to style Shackets for work

 I love this look for the office. This Tweed shacket is absolutely stunning and can easily replace the everyday blazer for a chic look. I love it paired with A white blouse, blue jeans and kitten heels. 

how to style Shackets for work

This tweed Shacket also looks fab with white jeans for the office. 

how to style Shackets for work

I love a good solid nude colord shacket. You can wear with just about any color and look put together easily. 

Solid Shackets are great for those morning on the go when you dont have alot of time and you just need something quick to grab to complete your outfit. 

how to style Shackets for work

 I love a good plaid Shacket. These shackets are crazy popular right now. I love this black and white plaid shacket paired with a solid white top, black denim and booties.It makes for a stylish and professional look for the office. 

Shacket outfit Professional VS Casual 

Ways To Wear A Shacket | What Is A Shacket

The same Shacket worn two ways. The professional outfit is on the left and the casual outfit is on the right.

The anatomy of the professional outfit (left pic):

  • Shacket
  • Non-distressed black denim
  • Booties
  • White blouse
  • Jewelry

The anatomy of the casual outfit (right pic):

  • Shacket
  • Distressed denim
  • Sneakers

If your goal is to wear your shacket to the office, the trick is just replace your blazer with your shacket. 

Can you wear a Shacket with a dress?

The short answer is yes! You can definitely wear a shacket with a dress. I love a good cropped Shacket to pair with a dress. It's actually a really cute look. I have even worn long Shackets with dresses. 

Wearing a shacket with a dress is a great way to dress down your look. Wearing a shacket with a dress is basically like replacing your jean jacket that you would normally wear with that dress. 

Ways To Wear A Shacket | What Is A Shacket
Ways To Wear A Shacket | What Is A Shacket
Ways To Wear A Shacket | What Is A Shacket

Can you wear shacket with joggers? 

A good shacket can be as versatile as you allow it to be. You can definitely wear a shacket with joggers! I love this jogger look for around the holidays. It makes me feel all cozy, warm and comfy. Now all I need is a nice cup of tea and my favorite blog to read! 

Ways To Wear A Shacket | What Is A Shacket

This is a look that's great to wear when its brisk out and your going to your yoga or pilates class and you are looking to stay cozy. Wearing joggers with a shacket can make a statement, but in a good way. 

Ways to wear a shacket

There are so many cute ways to wear a Shacket. Honestly, you really can get creative here and have fun with it. I know it can be challenging sometimes to put together outfits with new pieces and old pieces that you didn't necessarily buy to go together. This is why I style everything in the boutique with pieces from the boutique. A lot of the girls who shop with me (in the boutique) usually will just buy the whole outfit because it makes it so much easier to have an outfit that's ready to put on and to go. 

Are Shackets meant to be oversized?

Yes, shackets are meant to be oversized, making them perfect for layering during the cooler months and ultimately a must have for the fall and winter months. Shackets are loose fitting which in turn, they generally give off a cute and casual aesthetic. 

Plaid shacket plus size

If you are looking for plus size shackets, you are in the right place. I bring in all of my styles in a full size run as much a I possibly can. The plus sizes do usually sell out quicker, since most of my girls are grabbing them up as soon as they release, but if you get on my subscriber list, I will send you a text when the new arrivals drop and that's prime opportunity to snag your favorite styles when all of the styles and sizes are all in stock. and they go FAST! 

plus size shackets

Shacket  Jeans Boots


Shackets are a a totally comfy, cute and casual way to stay cozy all season long!

Check out my full boutique collection HERE

Let me know in the comments if you will be styling a shacket into your outfit rotation this season and how you will be styling it? 

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