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2019 Beauty Must Haves



First thing is first. Dry shampoo is a total must no matter what. Washing your hair daily dries it out but going a day without shampoo can leave your hair too oily and dry shampoo is the answer. I love this invention! 

The second must have is a great body butter. Lotion is wonderful and all but when you get out of the shower the best thing is lathering your skin in a super moisturizing body butter. Its thicker than lotion, so it will feel a lot better on your skin, especially after a hot shower. 

The third is a charcoal body wash. Charcoal is really trending in beauty and self-care products and it’s fun to try out all the wonderful new charcoal infused everything! 

The fourth is indulging in beauty oils. Put a few droplets of argon oil in your hair before bed and rinse it out the next morning. My hair gets so silky soft when I do this & it’s great for giving it a little extra shine too. 

The Fifth is a fab eyeshadow palette filled with the most beautiful colors you can imagine! Find one you love like the Pretty Rich Palette here and get obsessed! 

The sixth must be homemade floral infused salt scrubs for your bubbly warm baths. This recipe is AMAZING! Click HERE to get all the details! 

The seventh is a set of new perfumes. I mean, perfumes get old and spoil after time so make this the year to upgrade yours to SKYLARS amazing and lovely scent sets! I’ve never smelled anything this good in my life before. I wish I had gotten these sooner. 

Xx Caroline 


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