How To Make Pastel Hot Cocoa


A fun & magical cup of hot cocoa or coffee is one of my favorite ways to wake up my kids or hubby on their birthdays! Its a really special way to get their special days started! You can decorate your cup of coffee or cocoa in any way you like! Here is my recipe for a magical unicorn cup of joy! 


  • Coffee or hot chocolate as the base
  • Coconut milk
  • Coconut whipped cream (trader joes)
  • Sprinkles
  • Pink sugar
  • Marshmallows (gelatin-free) 
  • All-natural 100% cacao sipping powdered chocolate  
  • Optional cotton candy (for decoration)
  • You can use food coloring Blue & Red or for all-natural pink, you can use beet powder. For all-natural blue coloring, you can use blue-green algae   (Spirulina) 


    Pastel Unicorn Easter Coffee or hot chocolate cup in 6 easy steps

    1. Brew coffee or hot chocolate as usual. For best results, use freshly ground coffee and brew in a french press.
    2. Prepare all of your ingredients and have them ready to use while your coffee/hot chocolate is brewing. 
    3. Once coffee /hot chocolate is ready, pour it into a cup (Remember to leave space in the cup for treats on top)
    4. Froth your coconut milk with a milk frother. If you don't own a frother, place a small amount of coconut milk in a mason jar, close off the top and shake well (until it bubbles and froths) 
    5. Add the desired amount of chocolate powder, sugar, and frothed coconut milk to your cup. 
    6. In 2 separate bowls, fill up with coconut whipped cream. Add pink food coloring drops in one bowl, and blue in the other. Gently mix the coloring into the frothy whipped cream. 
    7. Place blue whipped cream on one side of your coffee cup, and the pink whipped cream on the opposite side. Using a utensil, mix the whipped cream in the center of the cup combining both colors here to make purple. Try to leave the opposite sides of the cup unmixed to create the swirly magical effect! 
    8. Add the whipped cream to your coffee gently with a spoon
    9. Time to decorate. Begin by dusting the top of the whipped cream with pink sugar and sprinkles. Top it off with marshmallows, cotton candy, and watch your coffee cup transform into a delightful energizing, and fun morning treat!
    10. Enjoy! 



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