How To Sell Your Old Clothes On Poshmark

When was the last time you cleaned out your closet? I know I don’t do it enough! I LOVE to shop and regularly bring in new items to hang In my closet! Who doesn’t thought? Right?! 

Selling my lightly worn clothes on poshmark has been such a blessing! My closet is constantly evolving, growing, shrinking & growing some more. 

It's a great way to clear out the old and make room for the new! Especially if you love to shop like I do! 

How To Sell Your Old Clothes On Poshmark

Start by going through your closet 

You know when you get that “shopping spree itch” & you just desperately want to wear something new?

It’s that feeling you get when you look into your closet & nothing seems exciting anymore.

You’ve “out-worn” everything already. You start to think “I have nothing to wear” & yet your closet is actually completely full & clothes are spewing out of their drawers. Your clothes are probably still totally wearable and in excellent condition. 

Well I totally understand you! It’s time for a wardrobe refresh. The first place you should turn to when you start feeling this way is back to your closet.

The second thing you should do is pick out a few items you know you haven’t worn in a while & probably won’t wear again anytime soon. Or pick out those items that are still in excellent condition, but you feel kinda tired of wearing. Those are the best items to sell on Poshmark. 

Now it’s time to list these items on poshmark and make some room in your closet for a wardrobe refresh. 

Preparing To List an Item on Poshmark 

how to sell clothes on poshmark

Cleaning the clothes 

First things first, wash that item.

Selling an item that may have been collecting dust in your closet is a big Noooo. Make it look beautiful & brand new again. 

Once you have washed it & steam it, it's time to get the item ready for photos.

how to sell clothes on poshmark


Photographing Your Item 

Next you are going to want to find a good spot in your home with lots of diffused natural light.

(Quick tip- avoid direct sunlight, it will leave harsh shadows & potentially skew colors) 

Hang your clothes on a hanger to photograph. If you choose to photograph as a flat lay style, please, I beg you not to take the photos on the carpet floor! Mostly because I have read in several poshmark forums that people won’t buy from anyone who takes the photos of the clothes on their carpet. Many concerns about dirty carpet, pets, shoes & derbies in carpet come up often. 

Instead, use a clean surface such as a table or lay some photography paper down on the floor first to protect the clothing. This also makes for a better and more professional looking shot!

If you are comfortable modeling the item you can totally wear it on yourself. This can actually help the buyer see how the item fits on an actual real body. 

Another tip for selling your old clothes on poshmark iks to add more photos. Upload at least a minimum of 4 images, but the more you can add the better your chances are at getting an offer. 

If you list an item with ANY flaws, make sure to show it in the images or at least disclose the flaws in the description.You want to make sure you do this or you will end up with an unhappy buyer and likely have a case opened up against you. Which nobody ever wants, but if it does happen, dont fret-It happens to the best of us! 

how to sell clothes on poshmark

Measuring the garment

Don't skip this step! Everyone & their mother wants to know the measurements of the item on Poshmark.

Save yourself some time by listing measurements ahead instead of waiting for when people ask-because they will! 

Even if you have every measurement listed in the description you’ll still be surprised to get questions about it in the comments. 

By listing out all of the necessary measurements you will find that you are also more likely to receive offers on the item than if you skip this step. 

How & Where To Measure 

Basic measurements to include 

  • Tops: Bust + length 
  • Dresses: Bust + length 
  • Bottoms: Hips + length 

Quick tip: If an item has a fitted no stretch waist line, add this measurement too, but if it’s a loose fit with no defined waist I skip this measurement. 

If your still not 100% sure on where and how to measure, check out my How To Measure Guide HERE with Videos to show you how we get the job done! 

how to sell clothes on poshmark

Listing an Item on Poshmark 

Listing an item to sell on Poshmark is actually really really easy. They make it super user friendly. Once you have completed the steps above, listing an item should only take you a couple of minutes! 

  1. Click to Sell 
  2. Upload your images
  3. Enter a title for the item 
  4. Write a description 
  5. Choose a category 
  6. choose item size quantity 
  7. Choose item brand (optional)
  8. Choose up to 2 colors 
  9. Choose if the item is NWT, Boutique or none 
  10. Add style tags 
  11. The original item price
  12. your Listing price 
  13. Choose a shipping discount (optional)
  14. Choose availability 

So #1 & #2 are pretty self explanatory so we can just skip to #3. 

Enter a title for the item. Here you want to actually use keywords describing the item that you want to sell. So for instance if you have a Kate Spade Purse, you will want to give it a title like " Pink Kate Spade Mini Crossbody Bag" Instead of "Cute pink bag". When people are shopping they will usually search keyword phrases for something they are looking for. For example, if they are looking for a kate spade bag they might search something as simple as "kate spade bag" or "kate spade purse" and you want your item to show up when the buyer is looking for your item. 

Write a description. When you write your description, make sure to add a few key elements. I like to use this outline for all of my items.

  • A sweet short 1-2 senesce description of the item
  • Item features. Example: Stretchy, soft, hidden zipper, button fly, etc.
  • Item materials such as 100% cotton
  • Item measurements

Then you will want to choose choose an item category. You want to place your item into the correct category to ensure customers can find what they are looking for. 

When choosing a brand, it can be from the store you originally purchased it from or whatever the item tag states. If neither of these are applicable, you can also leave this section blank. 

Choose NWT (new with tags) if it has tags or original packaging available, or none if its been word or used. A boutique item is an option only available from a boutique business on poshmark. 

Style tags are anything that you can think of that quickly describe the item in 1 word. You can choose up to 3. For example, if you are listing your torn up jeans, you could add "distressed" as a style tag.

A shipping discount is optional. If you choose a shipping discount at this point, keep in mind that it will automatically apply this discount to "buy now" and all other private or public discounts you apply later on. 

The availability option is actually one of my favorites and one that I use often. When you list an item, you can set it as immediately available or change it to coming soon or not available. This option is actually really wonderful. Whenever I buy an item online, I immediately add the items as a listing to my personal poshmark account and list it under "not available". This way when I am done with the item I have a listing ready to go and I don't have to scramble to put one together. I just add a few extra images of my item to my already listing and change the availability to "available" and I can sell it right away. 


how to sell clothes on poshmark

How to sell your old clothes on Poshmark

Now for the fun part. How to actually find buyers for your beautiful clothes! Since you have completed the first step of creating an immaculate listing, the second part is about promoting yourself and your worn clothes! 

The MOST IMPORTANT thing you can do to sell your old clothes on Poshmark is to SHARE SHARE & SHARE some more. You have probably heard this one before, and it's totally true! If it's the only thing you do every day-just share. Share your entire closet over and over and over. Its tedious, but its the best way for getting your items found. Another way to share is other peoples listings to your followers. The benefit of this is that they may come back and share your listings to their followers, so it's a total win win. 

When you share you bring your listings back to the top of the algorithm. But there's a catch, old listings dont always make it back up to the very top of search like new listings do. This bring me to my second tip which is to RE-LIST old items. When you re-list an item, Poshmark sees it as a brand new listing and will push it up in the feed. So if you have been sitting on an item for a couple of months, its probably due for a re-list. 

Heres the thing about re-listing. It doesnt mean EDIT and then hit "list" again and it also doesnt mean "copy listing" and re-list it. It means you will have to delete the original listing completely and totally re-do the entire thing. It can be a bit of a headache, but you will see new activity on your item when you do it this way and it will be worth the effort when you finally get that buyer! 



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