Lavender Field Photoshoot in Oregon -Creating Happy Memories

Have you been wanting to visit a Lavender field? Visiting a lavender field has been on my bucket list for so many years! I'm honestly not sure what took me so long to get to one, especially since I live in an area where Lavender grows rampant. 

There's just something so dreamy and magical about a field full of flowers. Creating unforgettable memories while doing simple "slow living" activities like cutting flowers, picnicking and taking photos are such a treat. It's such an easy way to spend a sunny summers day. Like they say, summers are for livin easy. 

In today's post, I wanted to share our Lavender field photoshoot, along with which lavender fields you must visit in the Oregon. These Lavender farms are truly something special and my photos don't do them justice. 

When you visit the lavender fields in person, you will be captivated by the serenity and beauty of it all. The smell of lavender is intoxicating and the buzzing of the bees sounds like an ocean. But don't worry, the bees are friendly (;

If you have been following along in the FB group or on my IG you probably already saw some of these photos, but I had gotten a few questions about the Lavender fields and thought I would answer them below for you. 

 Lavender Field Photoshoot 

Lavender Field Photoshoot

When are Lavender Fields in bloom? 

Lavender fields bloom in the summer time anywhere from June-August. 

If you are planning on visiting a specific Lavender farm, its best to check their hours and schedule for visiting hours.

Different farms will also host different activities. You can find everything from painting lavender art, to making lavender cocktails or even making lavender stuffed Teddy bears. There are so many great summer activities for the family!

Lavender Field Aesthetic

Lavender Field Photoshoot

When is the best time to visit lavender fields?

The best time of year to visit lavender fields are when the pretty flowers are in bloom which is in the summertime.

Usually blooms begin sometime in June and will last through the end of August. Of course, depending on your location the flowers will bloom at varying times. 

We visited the Wayward Lavender farm in late July. The flowers were in full bloom and if you are going to visit a Lavender Farm in Oregon, I highly recommend going in July too. Another great time to visit a Lavender farm is during the annual Lavender festival in Oregon.

Lavender Field Photoshoot

Willamette Valley Lavender Festival

The annual 17th Willamette Valley Lavender Festival is located at the Chehalem Cultural Center in Newberg, Oregon from July 9th-July 10th 

Lavender Field Photoshoot

Where are Lavender fields in the USA?

The west coast is pretty well known for its Lavender fields. Lavender grows everywhere out here! States like California, Oregon and Washington grow a lot of Lavender. 

Lavender Field Photoshoot

Do Lavender fields smell?

Yes! Lavender fields smell heavenly good! The smell is intoxicating and can really make you feel relaxed 😌 

Lavender Field Photoshoot

 What does a lavender field look like?

A Lavender field is a beautiful span of purple flowers all in a row for miles and miles. Sometimes the fields are on mountains and sometimes they are on level ground. Lavender flowers come in a variety for colors like light pink, bright pink, pastel purple, dark purple, and reddish tones of purple and white. 

Lavender Field Photoshoot

Lavender Fields in Oregon 

Lavender Field Photoshoot

Lavender Field Picnic

One of my favorite things to do on a nice sunny day is to pack a picnic and head out to a beautiful location to enjoy our family lunch. So far one of my absolute favorite locations is the Lavender Field.

It was such a relaxing atmosphere. Surrounded by the redwoods, mountains and lavender on a sunny day is nothing short of spectacular. I highly recommend trying it out sometime (:

Lavender Field Photoshoot

So far I have visited the Wayward Winds Lavender Farm which are where I took all of the images in this post from.

I also recommend visiting the Carriage House Lavender which is stunningly beautiful too. I love their farm and I keep their Lavender body lotion on hand at all times. Even Emma, my 1 year old loves their lotion. Every night after a bath she asks to put some on. I have to keep it in stock now because its her absolute favorite, and mine! 

Lavender Field Photoshoot


Personally, I take a lot of inspiration from these flowers. They bring me a lot of joy and so we have planted them all around our home. I am excited for this years new bloom! 

Lavender Field Photoshoot

Emma is just 10 months in these photos. Even she was having a great time! She loved smelling the flowers and was very curious by the buzzing bees. It was so sweet to watch her exploring all around the lavender.

We did the you cut lavender and to include Emma in the activity I would cut a flower, hand it to her and she would place them into the basket. She was all about it! 

Lavender Field Photoshoot


What to wear to a Lavender Field?  

The most important thing to consider here are your shoes. Some lavender fields have cemented walkways, while others are covered with a plastic to prevent weeds from growing and some are just in soil. So basically avoid high heels, but sandals and comfy walkable shoes are great. 

I recommend wearing a hat if you plan on going because the sun can be harsh depending on the time of day, weather, etc. You can also bring sunscreen or wear a lightweight kimono to help protect your skin against the UV rays. 

I wanted to wear something bright and vibrant to the field. I loved this Jumpsuit and found it to be perfect because I could bend over, sit down on the ground, and move all around while staying cool and comfortable. 

A maxi dress, jeans, romper or shorts would be a great look for going to a lavender field too. 

Lavender Field Photoshoot
Lavender Field Photoshoot

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