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There's really nothing quite like a cozy steeping cup of calming herbal tea before bed to warm up your soul. I've compiled a list of my favorite teas and treats that pair well together. Like wine, tea can really bring a dish to its fullest when paired correctly.

Tea and macaroons are an absolute delight. With our family staying home nowadays, we have decided to get a bit more creative in the kitchen and whip up some fresh new and fun treats that the entire family can enjoy. Although times are a bit uncertain, it sure does bring new opportunities for families to come closer together.

If you can prepare the tea from fresh rolled dried leaves than of tea bags, you'll really get to enjoy the highest quality of flavors here. Teabags are always a great and quick alternative, especially if you don't currently keep the proper equipment for brewing proper tea. 


Some of my favorite tea and treat combinations you can try at home

  • Moroccan mint tea and lemon zest macaroons
  • Orange blossom tea and sticky raisin granola bars 
  • Royal English Breakfast tea and nutty walnut cake
  • Chamomile tea and vanilla baton wafers 
  • Jasmine tea and custard flan 
  • Lemongrass tea and Turkish delights 


The best thing about coming home after a long cold day out is getting in your comfy loungewear and enjoying a steeping warm cup of tea and treats. Here are some of my favorite loungewear sets for cuddling around in at home while enjoying your brew. 




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