How To Wear A Denim Jacket 5 Ways

A denim jacket is a must have staple piece in your wardrobe. Denim can be worn in so many ways because it's such a versatile and easy piece to wear. Its that jacket in your closet that will basically never go out of style, like denim jeans.

Its even a great evergreen look. You can wear it year-round in every season, year after year and still look pretty darn cute. Here are a few fun and easy stylish ways you can incorporate a denim jacket into your wardrobe routine. 




1. We know how the athleisure look is literally alive and well everywhere. Next time your heading from the gym to the juice bar, don’t forget to throw on your jean jacket over your casually cool work out look. 



2. Have you ever tried the denim over denim look? Some say not to do it, while others say its a must! The trick with this look, is not to be so matchy-matchy. Try a medium washed pair of ripped jeans and a light washed denim jacket to pull off this look. Or vice-versa. What you want to avoid in the denim over denim look is to look like your wearing a denim suit. So change up the colors and textures in the denim, add some color contrast with your shoes and top for a cool laid back look. A crisp white top and shoes are always a good choice when choosing a denim jacket. 



3. The best way to dress down a fancy dress is with a jean jacket. A denim jacket will definitely bring down the formality of any dress to a more casual look while still looking totally chic. This is a really popular and cute way to wear a denim jacket, you basically cant go wrong here. 



4. Instead of a blazer, try a black jean jacket. You can wear this jacket with white or khaki pants and chunky heels for a more polished look. Try white shorts and sneakers for a casual but crisp spring vibe 



5. When it's too warm in the summer for a full on jean jacket but you still want to achieve that casual cool vibe, try a light washed denim shirt over a crisp white top and medium washed jeans. This outfit is effortless, cool and says your ready for a fun day out! 

What's your favorite way to wear a denim jacket? Let us know in the comments if you have ever tried any of these looks before and which one you love most? 

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