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My Favorite Summer Dress



Over the last few days, restaurants and shops have slowly begun to reopen. During quarantine, I've stocked up on a few gorgeous summer dresses and outfits and couldn't wait to get out of the house and office to do something new and get all dolled up. I have to admit that I have enjoyed "quarantine" because it's given me the opportunity to do the things at home I've always wanted to get done, but never found the time to do them.

I have redecorated parts of my home, reorganized my closet, and have donated several outfits I am no longer wearing and this has left me with a closet full of clothes I absolutely love and fresh new home aesthetics! 

This week we went out to Matchbook winery in Zamora. The mountains you see in the background are Myacomas Napa Valley mountains. Wine tasting was the first thing we did when we heard things would slowly open back up. Wine tasting is just something my hubby and I have regularly done over the years and it's nice being back in familiar territory.  I mean, I guess its something pretty regular that everyone living in Napa or the surrounding areas do for fun. 

I wore the Wildflower dress which has been a bestseller all season long (we only have a few left in stock get yours HERE) and I paired it with the western chic chunks and a crossbody bag. This dress is so pretty for spring and summer. My favorite details on this dress have to be the mini embroidered flowers on the sleeves. They totally add that feminine touch which completes the dress! Its a totally unique and sweet design. 


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